Saudi Arabia, Human Rights, U.S. Ally?

This article analyzes the the extremist and intolerant Wahhabi Islam, in the light of consistent human rights violation in Saudi Arabia. Provides a broad and deep historical perspective. Spells out the reasons for us looking away when it comes to the worst situation in that country.

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Government, Shutdown, Welfare, Cronyism, Taxes, Tyranny

This article analyzes the adverse social and economic effects of big government. Shows, how the increasing authority of big government leads to corruption, cronyism and tyranny. Points out to the fact that a big government must tax to death to fund its ever growing operations and needs.

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Trade, Protectionism, Tariffs, Competition, Prices, Meat

This article analyzes the effects of trade barriers and immigration policy on economy and jobs, in the light of recent WTO rulings. Highlights, how governmental and special interest collide with the interests of common people when it comes trade and immigration. Effectively shows, why open trade and immigration are good for everyone. Explains the direct and constructive relationship between trade and immigration, and jobs and growth.

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Climate, Warming, Models, Decades, Temperatures, Hoax

This article analyzes the burning issue of climate change, in the light of recent International summit on climate change. Puts pieces together in the struggle between forces of freedom and forces of power grab. Explains, why non-science of man made climate change is so idiotic. Exposes vested interests in this multi-trillion dollar hoax. Highlights the fact that liberal media and politicians have extra-ordinary interest and bias this outstandingly fraudulent scheme.

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Immigration Reform, Limited Government, Economic Growth

This article analyzes currently proposed immigration reforms, in the light of the concepts of limited government and economic growth. Shows, how immigrants push up the supply and demand curves, spur growth in business activity while creating new jobs in the process. Highlights the fact that immigrants are driving wages down only because they are illegal, and have to accept whatever is offered.

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Fed, Banking Regulations, Capital Flow, Crisis, Part 19

This article analyzes the Federal Reserve System, deficit financing, government backed bonds and securities, paper money, budget deficits and sovereign debt, in the light of experience of Great Recession of 2008-2009. Explores the history of the formation of Fed. Uncovers the partnership between big banks and government, in the form of Federal Reserve System. Explains, how Fed is responsible for repeated bubbles, deficits, and credit and debt crises in our economy.

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Science, Global Warming Research, Policy, Bias

This article analyzes the global hoax of warming. Performs, historical, archaeological, scientific and logical review of related issues. Compares and contrasts, all the point of views. Brings into focus the available data. Points out to the biases in skewed opinions. Debates the arguments in depth. Provides evidence from authentic references, in the light of other recent, popular examples. Reveals the fact that the most of the global warming literature is in sharp contrast with basic scientific principles.

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Big Corporations, Media, Lobbies, Political Parties

This article analyzes the root cause of rampant money, power and influence, and cronyism in our society. Challenges the commonly held and popular views. Provides feasible and common sense solutions. Explores the links between authority, secrecy and corruption. Points out to the nucleus of ever growing problems. Highlights the importance of self reliance, individual responsibility and constitutional rights, in the process of fixing these problems. Explains, why should we not have a big government.

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Shutdown, Big Government, Economy, Effects, Causes

This article analyzes the issues associated with U.S. federal government shutdown. Raises the question, why is it such a big deal, even? How and why federal government's shutdown causes so much trouble in our lives and economy? Constitutionally speaking, federal government was supposed to be very small and limited, with almost no direct effect on our daily lives and economy. Instead of that it has become a giant monster, which scares and harasses everyone, all the time. Why does federal government only creates problems, and never solves any of those?

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Climate, Economic, Financial Forecasting Models: Accuracy

This article analyzes the predictability of climate, economy and finance. Sheds light on different methods of estimation, and finds out why most of those are so off. Diggs into the filthy triangle between corporate and lobby money, big media propaganda tactics, and ever growing governmental size, authority and spending. Finds out the links between authority and corruption, and secrecy and corruption. Discovers, why this situation is turning out to be a train wreck, for our country, nation and everyone of us

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History, Governments, Wars, Laws, Taxation, Rights

This article analyzes history, in the light of different political and economic ideologies and point of views. Highlights the major players and their roles in good, and bad. Compares different interpretations and discusses various proposed solutions. Brings into focus the ideas of authority and freedom. Finds out, how government has been the single most common and destructive weapon, in all the destruction and havoc, ever imposed on humanity.

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Global Warming, Energy Insanity, Taxes, Subsidies

This article analyzes the rampant corruption and cronyism going on in U.S. government, in the name of wars and green technology. Unveils the role of corporate lobbies and big media in this ongoing and worsening situation. Points out, why a government too big in size and authority is the biggest threat to the survival of any nation and country. Diggs out and suggests the possible solutions for this serious problem.

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Constitution, President, Congress, Courts, Media

This article analyzes the balance of power between the three branches of government and president's insistence on uncontrolled and unchecked powers. Discusses the president's ridiculous notion that anyone who disagrees with him is somehow stupid. Highlights the role of media, like Wikipedia, in placing a check on government corruption. Emphasizes the fact that people of this country own this country, not the government or their funding corporations. Acknowledges that Obama is turning out to be far more dumb then Bush.

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Our Story: Whore Choopo Ganne

This article analyzes, in depth, the issues of wars, national budget deficits and debt, policing of world and new world order. Highlights the grave and real consequences of imperialistic policies. Shows, how the downfall of empire is inevitable, if the current senseless policies are continued, maintained and not changed. Effectively proves that Barack Obama is just as a disappointment and utter failure, as George Bush. Brings into focus the fact that both major parties work for same lobbies and serve the save special interests.

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Need Iron Man To Rescue?

This article analyzes the myths and abuses related to personality worship. The idols, known as celebrities, created by corporate owned media, has become a huge source of ridicule in our society. Their expertise and talent is in one or few fields, but, their so called fans start taking them as absolute leaders in everything. Movies and T.V. shows, financed by government departments and agencies, are brain washing people. We are being deceived to be weak, who need the leadership, support and guidance of a strong Iron Man.

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Obama, Banks, New World Order

This article analyzes the global financial crisis, it's causes, fixes and reasons for repeated failures. It reviews the roles of government, congress, courts, agencies and law enforcement. Discusses the controversial issues like, Federal Reserve, printed money, debt, budget deficits and authority to issue money. Tries to get to the root causes of repeated financial crises and market failures. Sheds light on the role of corporate media and politicians sold out to corporate lobbies. Brings into focus the movement for restoration of constitution and individual liberties.

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Barack Obama: Immigration, Opportunity, Fairness

This article analyzes the current U.S. immigration policy, desperately needed reforms and recent changes in policy. Brings into focus, the currently, two most controversial groups of immigrants, Hispanics and Muslims. Sheds light on the history of immigration in our country. Finds out, how the economy of immigration works. Tries to answer the questions like, are immigrants like, Muslims and Hispanics, good or bad for country and economy? Are they costing us lots of money in welfare and war on terror or they are overall a benefit for us?

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Global Recession, Causes, Consequences, Fixes, Part 11

This article analyzes the current economic and financial crisis, in the light of policies under George W. Bush administration. Discusses the proposition of trickle down economy and tax cuts for the richest. Shades light on the causes of, and role of U.S. Budget deficits and national debt in current crisis.

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Barack Obama For President 2012, Part 12

This article analyzes the philosophy of prohibition as opposed to the liberal, constitutional approach. All the current scientific evidence and statistics show and prove that our founding fathers were absolutely right when they adopted very liberal policies, regarding things like prostitution and drugs.

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Demlicans 10: Republican Nomination Process, Democratic Party 4

This video analyzes the Republican nomination process for 2012 presidential elections. Discusses, in detail, the 2008 and 2009 bailouts. Explores the constitutionality and legality of bailout for the world's largest and richest corporations. Examines the taxation in United States.

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