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For decades over decades, we have intensely and heavily criticized communist, socialist and third world countries for rampant corruption in their governments. My friends, the tables are now turned over to us, and lots of foreign media are criticizing us for unbelievable corruption in U.S. government. Wow! The problem is that we are finding ourselves into the same ditch, much bigger and deeper, because we are far wealthier, of big government. A government which has grown huge in size and authority.

It is very hard to believe that a nation which was built on the principles small government and life and liberty for all, and did extremely well for a long time and became the richest and most powerful nation in world within a short span of less than two hundred years, has, over time, fallen into same traps, as the rest of the world. Giving up the thinking, and principle that government is the problem, not solution, is costing us a lot, from trillions in money to snatched away civil liberties.

The situation has worsened to the point that corporate and government crooks on media outlets like MSNBC are even questioning, why do we even have Libertarians in this country? What? Shut up! We are now even not supposed to be in this country? Why? Because, we stand up against corporate, lobbies, media and government mockery, and talk about fiscal sanity, superiority of constitution, as the law of land, and civil liberties? These effing networks are now openly talking against Ron Paul and others like us who stood for WikiLeaks and other honest media, which is trying very hard to expose the immense corruption in our government.

We have been protesting, for a long time, against the corruption, corporate lobbies are involved in. This whole Pandora has now become the dirtiest possible game, ever. Big, rich and powerful lobbies, representing the big corporations are hiring the former government officials for big bucks and using them to corrupt the whole system, even more. Democrats and Republicans, both are in the same boat, just their approach and circles are different.

For example, during Bush administration, billions of dollars of tax payer’s money were floated to defense contractors, in the name of national security and wars, we did not even need to go to. At the end of second term, the most conservative administration in US history, awarded about a trillion dollars of tax payers’ money to their bosses in big corporations, banks and other financial institutions. The worst thing about this is that these people should have been in jails, instead of getting golden parachutes.

Obama’s ‘niche’ is different. His gateway to reward his friends and campaign financiers, is, so called green energy. Billions and billions of dollars of tax payers’ money are getting awarded to companies that cannot even survive without subsidies. Most of the government investment in green technologies is rated junk by independent third party rating companies. The cronyism is at its worst, right now. Even Bush looks like a dwarf compared to corruption in Obama administration, and it is breaking all the previous records, globally.
There is another disturbing aspect of all this cronyism. In accordance with most of the independent estimates, at least 25% of this U.S. tax payer’s money is going to foreign corporation, just like a very big proportion of stimulus and recovery money went to foreign banks and financial institutions.

This is the part that bothers me the most. I always thought that Americans are far smarter than others, especially when it comes government and their rights. Unfortunately, I am watching that our government is using the same tactics that other big governments use around the world, and we are falling for those, just like others in the world. No government in the world says that they are doing cronyism and corruption because they are corrupt. Every single one of them says that it is for the good of their own people. Lenin, Mao, Hitler, Mussolini, PolPot, Castro, all killed millions for the good of their own people. Same is the situation here, now. They go to a war after war for our own good, they wiretap our phones and spy on us for our own good and they are rolling out trillions of dollars of our money to the people and corporation which already have lots of money, in the name of economic stimulus, economic and financial recovery, and environment and green technology. Who gave them this authority? Is it constitutional? Of course, not. They are all committing treason by violating the constitution. They all must be in prisons for life.
Instead of that we are electing them again and again, because, for most of us the only source of information is corporate media, which is keeping us trapped between the two major political parties.
Soon after an election ends, big media starts picking up winners and losers, for us. All the potential ‘big ones’ of course belong to the major political parties. On the other hand, they do a complete black out of third party and independent candidates. State governments, which are being run by these two parties, since Abraham Lincoln, have made it increasingly difficult for third party candidates to even get on the ballot. Millions of dollars of public financing goes almost solely to two parties, which already have billions of corporate and lobby money. Third party candidates are not allowed to participate in nationally tele-casted debates.
Together, both parties have made sure to maintain their duopoly on political system. At the top of all this, big media leaves no effort in telling us that we have no choice except to choose between bigger evil and smaller evil. Every time, close to the election date, they will tell the right leaning voters that race is so tight, voting for third party will help the Democrats to get elected, and they tell the left leaning voters that every vote for a third party candidate, is actually a favor to Republicans. Thank you God, this situation is now slowly and gradually being diluted by Internet.

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