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President Obama took office with a firm and widely published promise of reducing the federal deficit into half by 2012. Obama administration often presents the 2008 recession, as an excuse for their failures. But the fact is that the recession was already happening, when Obama was making, all those crazy campaign promises, without any intention of ever, actually fulfilling those. He was blaming Bush for everything, including gas prices. Then during his administration, the gas prices, and all the other prices, have been mostly going up. Mr. president, if gas and other prices are under president’s control, as you suggested during your 2008 elections campaign, then, are you ready to take the blame for those? You suggested that hikes in gas prices were due to uncontrolled corporatism during bush administration, if that was true then it implies that it is even more uncontrolled under your administration.

American voters, should now be able to clearly understand that all this is just political bickering and nothing else. Both parties play each other by blaming each other for everything and thus by confusing the voters. Whereas, both of these so called major political parties work for same lobbies and corporations which finance their billion dollar campaigns. Have you already forgotten, how vocal Obama was about campaign finance reforms and too much money in politics? Once he realized that he can raise at least as much money as Republicans, he gave up all those ideas and joined the race. After all that was not about too much money in politics. That was all about Republicans raising more money than Democrats. As soon as that was gone all the pain for voters and Democracy was gone, too.

It is amazing, how congress and White House manipulate the statistics, even the ones coming out from C.B.O. For example, congress mandates CBO to calculate statistics, as per the current laws. This, more often than not, diverts the statistics away from reality. To avoid and bypass the hazards that are inherited in this mandate, CBO often presents alternative scenarios. But, these alternative scenarios are almost always unable to get the attention of mainstream media or you can say with confidence that media, which is owned by same corporations that virtually own the both so called major political parties, deliberately overlooks the alternative scenarios. Media just trumpets the officially favored scenario, coming out of current laws, mandated by congress.

Hence, our astronomically big and corrupt government is doing everything possible to misguide and mislead us. And we, who totally depend on big, corporate owned media, for all of our news and information needs, keep living in the world of deception.

On the other hand, the disturbing fact is that the federal government’s annual budget deficit, which must end, now, and which was supposed to be halved by 2012, even by Obama’s 2008 campaign promises, is still well over 800 billion dollars. Its burden on our economy and future generations is already staggering, and keeps growing. All those billions of dollars that could be spent by businesses, far more efficiently, to actually grow the economy and hire people, are being diverted to interest payments on debt.

Another aspect of this problem is that although we are the world’s largest, richest, most powerful, most competitive and most resilient economy, our ability to bear the burden of debt is not unlimited. With government ever growing bigger and bigger, spending rising higher and higher and taxes strangulating the economy more and more, we are getting closer to the tipping point, every second. Sooner than later we will find ourselves in a hole similar to Greece, Ireland and Italy.

The solution of this problem requires that first and foremost, American voters must educate themselves, better. They must come out of big media spell that we have only two political parties in this country. We have no choice except to elect the smaller evil. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not true at all. This is the biggest fraud being committed by big media. We have an array of other choices available, as far as the political parties are considered. We just have to find the one that is most likely to tackle our burning issues, being created and worsened by two major political parties, since Abraham Lincoln, when Republican party came into being, and created a duopoly on our political system, along with already existing democratic party.
Another hype created and maintained by big media is that the third parties are unelectable. My friends, we are a Democracy, and in a Democracy, government is elected by voters. If all the patriotic people of this country, decide to vote and work only for the third parties and the power of social media, along with all the other traditional methods, is properly and extensively exploited by every country lover, there is absolutely no way that big corporations, their lobbies and billions of dollars can win over the power of people. Specially, in today’s world of revolutionized communications, major changes and political revolutions are happening everywhere in the world. If this can happen in the countries like Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, we the Americans, who live on the land of free and brave, can do it, too. We just have to realize the gravity of problem and the urgency for a quick and permanent remedy.
I am saying this because, and you must agree that considering the corruption level in both major political parties, they are totally hopeless. Personally, I do not expect anything better from these traitors. For a true, beneficial, sincere and permanent solution, we have to bring up a completely new and fresh leadership, free of Washington’s rampant corruption. This can be provided by a third party only. The establishment in current major political parties is so corrupt and it has completely blocked the way for any honest leadership. Take my words and search yourself, if you have not already reached that conclusion. Ron Paul is a huge example. The way Republican Party establishment used every possible method to block his possible nomination, is very obvious to every realistic mind, even to the ones who are not, so called, political junkies. You do not have to be a genius to understand that.

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