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Starting from clans and tribes, government has been an institution created by elite to keep their hold on power and to hold people in slavery. The leaders and chiefs of clans, and tribes were usually powerful and wealthy people, and mostly their words were law. Since then this form of slavery has evolved, gone through several stages and has become far more “civilized”. But, what I do not understand is how and why any form of slavery could be considered “civilized”. The mask this most serious form of slavery has on, even from very beginning is that it is for common good, and safety and security of everyone. The notion is that everyone has to pay a price for this common good, and safety and security, generally known as taxation.

What happens with this institution of “common good, and safety and security” is that certain people with money, power and influence get the rights which no individual can ever have. These rights are murder, violence and theft. Murder in the sense that they can kill people for certain crimes and perceived enemies in wars. The right to violence is exercised in the form of law enforcement. They can arrest, detain, fine, investigate, jail and even put people in solitary confinement in order to make them comply to certain laws mostly passed by elite. Right to theft is exercised in the form of taxation which allows them to take away the hard earned money from people and use it in the way approved by a group of elite.

No other human institution in human history has been so suppressive, murderous, violent, stealing, cheating and enslaving as the government has been. Throughout the course of history there have been numerous unending efforts to reform and improve this inherently troublesome institution. Without any exception, every single one of those failed.

Whether it was the government of most powerful, most rich, most religious, most intelligent, most laborious or most elected, all ultimately got turned into autocratic and dictatorial regimes. Apparently the problem is not with the way people are governed, the problem is with the governing institution, itself, the government. Governments have horrible history of wars, literally killing billions in human history. Governments have committed serious discrimination, racial, religious and other bigotry, totally disregarding individual self-respect and right to live, earn, own property and raise a family. Governments have been the center of corruption, stealing money from masses and filling the pockets of a certain class.

U.S. constitution was, yet, another great effort on reforming and containing government. It was not a document giving a divine right or any other special rights to anyone. It is the constitution of “We the people”, for the people and by the people. The basic idea in the constitution is that the country belong to people and any special rights a government or anyone else may have or may get in future can and will only be valid if approved by the people of this country. Government was divided into three branches with very significant distribution of powers in order to make sure that no one or group of people enjoys absolute authority, and power remains in the hands of people.

It turned out that special interest gradually got hold one major institution after the other. It got complete hold of white house, legislature, courts, political parties, big media and education system. The land of free and brave became enslaved to social taboos, traditions, religious gimmicks, prejudice, hate and superiority complex. Soon after birth every baby starts viewing and listening to big media propaganda, extremely charged in the favor of status quo. After that they have to be sent to public a education system, a very modified, effective and technical method of brain washing and propaganda.

Together media and education system integrate every kid into a highly sophisticated form of slavery. If you are extra intelligent or got information and ideas from other independent and more reliable sources, and started acting and behaving even slightly different from everyone else, you will promptly be labeled as “weird”, “abnormal” or even “sick” and “radical”. You may even get diagnosed for a psychiatric disorder or syndrome, many of which do not have any scientific proof. These are just a bunches of certain behavioral patterns which do not fit the “norm”, and norm, of course, is the prototype propagated by media and educational system.
Ultimately, you become a dog on leash. You can move around, but, only to the extent permitted by your masters. Take the example of job creation. Empty your mind from all biases created by education, media, environment, up bringing and other factors, and “think”. Job creation is a very simple process. It starts with a person getting an idea. He starts working on that idea. He builds a product or service, creates a brand, starts a business, gets financing or risks his own money, starts working on advertising, marketing, promotion and sales.
In this way he creates a job for himself. Not all of them are that successful. Most of them fail. They still take the risk. Some of them achieve their goals. They are able to pay for themselves and their families. If they are more successful, the process of hiring begins to expand, and make more money and profits. This is how the jobs are created. Now, let me know where in the hell government comes into job creation? The only way government can create jobs is by taking money from this entrepreneur and his workers, and redistribute it to others.
Is this really job creation? This person may have been even more creative and have created even more jobs if that money stayed with him. By taking money from him and giving it to someone else you just reduced his productivity and gave it someone who is very likely to be not productive, at all. But media and education makes us believe otherwise. Same is the case with weapons. Notion is that government can build and own intercontinental, ballistic, nuclear missiles with tax payers money and wage few wars which may kill few million people, and there is nothing wrong with it. On the other hand you cannot own a gun with your own money because a criminal might have killed someone with a gun.
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