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Overcoming Trepidation of the Social Network

The social network is synonymous with many things, from personal interaction to being a vast resource of interactive social games. Many perceptions exist concerning social networking sites, a large volume of which are based in rumor and supposition, which give an unfavorable impression to many potential users. Although increasing popular amongst young US adults, there is an older generation that still approaches the concept of social networking with concern and trepidation.
These worries are undue, especially as the purpose of social networking is constantly adapting to change with the needs of contemporary society. Individual sites are developing to meet more and more corporate and personal requirements, many of which offer value to the mature portion of the global community. For example, 2010 was the year that Facebook surpassed Google to become the most visited site on the World Wide Web, which is a revealing feat when you consider the tools that Google offers to its many users.

Making the Social Network Beneficial for You
 The prominence of Facebook and Twitter has grown significantly over the last 2 years, as both sites have recognized the need to expand their appeal. From interactive tools with their foundations primarily built in personal liaisons, they have steadily began to tailor their resources to suit commercial and professional requirements. Companies have subsequently began to use these facilities to advertise and promote their brand, drawing a diverse range of followers who can be kept updated with current events at the touch of a single button.

However, it is not only companies who can benefit from these features. Part of this evolutionary process undertaken by individual social networking sites has coincided with the global recession, creating a unique opportunity for unemployed professionals to post a corporate profile and communicate with a network of potential employers. While this is one of the primary purposes of professional networking site LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have been quick to encourage similar interaction between their own users.

It is naive to think that an individuals social networking profiles are not considered by potential employers. In 2010, just over 20 percent of US companies revealed that they assesses a candidates social media presence as part of their hiring process, which reveals the increasing role that they play within a commercial environment. As well as this, it highlights the importance of adapting a profile to reflect a level of professionalism, especially if an individual is seeking work and employment.

Understanding Social Media
By creating a specific and tailored online media presence, an individual can approach the social network without any trepidation or anxiety. It should be understood in its correct context, as a resource to be manipulated to suit individual needs and requirements, and one that can help create business, brand awareness and professional satisfaction. If you consider the vast and global nature of social networking sites, there is no broader resource anywhere that provides quicker or more effective links between people.

With this in mind, people and companies should be quite strategic with their online profiles, especially if there are seeking to source professional links and contacts. Creating a universal profile across all selected networks is significant, as this helps to represent the most prominent skills of an individual or organization to the largest possible target market. So, whether a subscriber is seeking customers for their business or employment, they are maximizing a resource to create excellent opportunities.

These innovations in social networking services are both welcome and well considered, as they are designed to attract more mature and professional users. This demographic is one that sites such as Facebook and Twitter have struggled to entice, due largely to the misconceptions and supposed purpose of their content. While tailoring this content to suit commercial needs is beneficial to these sites, users have a duty to take advantage of these services to suit their own needs, an ensure that their online media profile is an accurate representation of their skills and abilities.

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