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Newt Gingrich For President 2012






Okay. So, this is the deal. To fight and defeat the current financial crisis that we are facing as a nation, we need a leader, who is intelligent, sincere, patriotic, has ability to work in a bi-partisan fashion and proposes some really practical and proven solutions. When we give look to the current squad of candidates for president for 2012 presidential elections, based on these criteria, Newt Gingrichseems to be the man of the moment. Hardly anyone, including his worst opponents, would challenge his intelligence and his fame as idea machine. When he was speaker of the house, he proved his ability to act in a bi-partisan manner. In my view he is sincere and being an idea machine himself, he has no need to run over the opposing proposals, which may be good for country.
To, many people, including myself, sometimes he looks too conservative. But, hey! Right now, more then anything else, we need a really good president. Only real problem, I have with his agenda, is re-introducing God into politics. Constitutionally, we are supposed to keep God out of politics and separation of church and government is guaranteed by constitution. Re-introducing God into politics will only divide, an already very divided nation, even more.
Social security, without any doubt, has become, our one of the biggest financial problems. Right now, social security cannot guarantee benefits beyond 2029 and it’s insolvency is becoming a huge issue. Beside this, it is potentially a big burden on our large deficit running budget and mounting debts. He is right. Instead of pretending that nothing is wrong or settling for less, we must go for real solutions. With appropriate, legal and financial guarantees, and regulations provided by government, personal savings accounts have been a huge success in Chile and other Latin American countries. Being a far bigger economy, they can be a lot more successful in our country and can provide a safe and better alternative to Social Security.
It is a good thing to help the poor, needy, old, children and handicapped. Even God, whom, Newt wants, to bring back into the politics, likes that. On the other hand, it is also a proven fact and everyone of us observe this everyday, if the welfare reforms are not implemented in a proper and wise manner, they become an intolerable burden on society, and economy and finances. The welfare becomes a self perpetuating game, as it has become in our society. I agree that we must reform our welfare system in a way which closes the loop holes and picks the poor up, out of poverty, instead of perpetuating it. Tying unemployment with a mandatory job training is good idea. But, who is going to guarantee a job, in a economy like we have now-a-days, to the people who come out these mandatory training programs? Plus, what is wrong with, out of wed childbirths, if a parent or both parents are taking care of their kids? Mr. Gingrich has been involved in out of marriage relationships, while he was still married? Wasn’t he? While lashing on welfare recipients, we must remember that while a significant proportion of unemployed is on voluntary unemployment, most of them are in involuntary unemployment. Plus, blaming everything on Democrats and poor people must end now, if you want to act bi-partisan. If you do not have a short term memory loss, it was just few years ago that the world’s largest banks, insurance companies and other corporations, not poor people, messed up the whole world’s economy, by recklessly selling sub-prime mortgages, loans and credit, and insuring these criminal deals, under Republican watch and the most conservative government in our history. It is easy to say, now, oh, it was wrong. I was against it. I said this or that. But, how many in politics and big media, actually and appropriately warned common people, when big media was day and night advertising, and publishing news and reports on, how that was the best time to buy a home and how anyone who was not taking advantage of those loans and mortgages, was supposed to be an idiot. I did not buy a house in that boom. Because, I always thought that the prices were too high, due to an artificial bubble, and there was no way for that market to sustain the prices that were rising astronomically, everyday. Under the influence of propaganda from corporate media, I can’t tell you, how many times, I was called stupid, on my face, by my closest relatives, friends and co-workers, for not taking the advantage of that booming market and rising prices. Finally, when real estate market crashed, as I expected, all along, in 2008, we, me and my wife, bought a house in the end of 2009 at a much better, affordable and sustainable price. I remember, very well, the countless discussions I had. before 2008, with my everyday contacts, regarding housing market. at that point. Most people were, almost always, convinced, by big media that the market would always remain the way it was, back then, and prices would keep rising. I always asked, How? Specially, when the prices were already way above the affordability of an average home buyer? Most people stuttered at that question. But, media made that belief so deep and so strong that very few people got convinced and others just kept arguing. I hardly remember any major political leader or media pundit, effectively and loudly raising voice against that frenzy and craziness.
This is what makes me angry on Republican politicians. They are usually very quick to defend big corporations and banks. But, they almost never talk against big corporations and banks. I understand, they are pro-business. It is good and specially, in a Capitalist society, it is very good. But, in any way, this must not mean that world’s richest, biggest and most powerful corporations are perfect. They are always right. They can never do anything wrong. Trust me. Right or wrong. This creates the impression that they are sold out to corporate and bank lobbies. Let me give you a quick example. Since 2008, I have heard and read countless statements from Republican politicians, blaming Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Bill Clinton’s housing policies, poor and minority buyers, Democrats and other factors unrelated to big banks, insurance companies and other big corporations. But, I cannot recall any statement from a major Republican politician, blaming big banks, insurance companies and corporations, at least partly, for current global financial and economic crisis.

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