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It must be clear, when we use the word liberty, it means the mental, physical, psychological, spiritual, sexual and behavioral freedom. We emphasize the fact that individual is the center of universe and all the institutions, including government are created to serve his purpose. Individual existed before all these institutions came into being. What we need is not, so called, tolerance. We need rights. Mere the notion that government does not interfere with this or allows other, is not enough. Individuals rights are natural, and are not subjected to the sanctions from any institution. The inherently coercive institution, commonly known as government, draws its all powers from the encroachments on individual liberty.

Since government and state are, virtually, abstract concepts, and not a physical existence, they essentially do not have any inherent authority or rights. Every single authority or right they acquire, comes from a contraction individual liberty and freedom. Government and state are the ultimate hurdles and restrictions on unlimited human potential. Every law and regulation is ultimately meant to limit this potential, and ends up doing so. In their essence, the more contemporary forms of government and economic systems are not much different from the earlier and more coercive ones. As a matter of fact, in many aspects, while bringing the technological development into equation, current political and economic systems may be even more coercive then the previous ones.

The whole purpose of moving to novel political and economic systems was to end coercion and provide individuals more freedom. Although, this purpose was never been satisfactorily served in any of the modern political and economic systems. Whether it is Democracy, dictatorship of Communist or Socialist Party, Capitalism or Socialism, every single one of these have failed to provide and protect the individual freedom. The reason for this is that we never got rid of actual cause of problems.

The single most important cause of the failures of all the past and present political and economic systems is government. Just like you cannot eat meat without animals being killed or eat veggies and fruits without having plants and trees harvested, a government feeds on individual liberty. Every single one of its authorities, originally belong to individuals. It cannot have those without restricting individual freedoms. You can take example of any of the governmental authorities. Taxation, licensing, aggression and war, law enforcement, money printing, regulating economy, you name it. It cannot have any of these without infringements on individual liberty. For example, it cannot tax its citizens without infringing on individual property and ownership rights.

By separating church from state, we thought that the problem solved. But, all it did was that all the heavenly authority was transferred to state and government. State is new God. Just like God, it can ask you sacrifice anything for it, anytime, anywhere, including life, as in case of war. Lots of people have the illusion of freedom, but, as a matter of fact there is hardly any aspect of your life which may not be regulated by government. From your birth, to education, to marriage, to job, to bank, to death.

Yes, government is new God. You are supposed to ditch anything and everything, if government asks you to do so. Like religion, government’s origins are in aggression. Any conflict with its interests and ideology, surmounts to revoking of your rights to exist. The government must keep increasing its size, wealth, resources, influence and even geographical boundaries. If you are a country, nation, institution, organization, religion or even individual that denies or challenge its authority, then, you are an enemy, a terrorist, a spy, a traitor. Your subjugation and slavery must be unconditional.

In old days it used to be the theocracy, bureaucracy and aristocracy. Now its government, corporations and media. Together they serve each other’s purpose very well. Corporations have the concentration of wealth and they are the source of money for this trio. Government has all the concentration of power and it is the source of authority and enforcement. Media plays the role of propaganda machinery and keeping people in Loo Loo La La land. The biggest obstacle, right now, in the way of a true change, is the huge apathy in masses, mainly generated by corporate media. Our media is breaking all the historical records of disinformation and deceit.
The country that was supposed to be the land of free, is now controlling its citizens in every possible way. For the most part, it dictates you what to eat and what not to eat, what to wear and what not to wear, what can you have in your house and what you can’t, who you can have sex with and with whom you can’t, who should you consider your friend and who should be your enemy, what should you believe and what you shouldn’t. Where is, so called, liberty and freedom? If you question this you get a ridiculous answer. We are far better than most of the other world?
The biggest menace created by capitalism is wage labor. I would be shocked, if you know someone who loves his or her wage labor job. Phrases like I hate Mondays, I can’t wait for weekend or my day off or vacation, I hate my boss and you will never see my face again if I win a lottery, are extremely common. This is, because, even though most people do not realize it, our system just replaced slavery by a modified form of it known a wage labor. At least unconsciously, we all realize that the fruits of our labor are being stolen by the owners of this business.
In an ideal Anarchist world, there are no bosses, no top to bottom government and no property. People live in small voluntary communities. All businesses and economic activity is either individually owned or cooperative. Everyone who works, gets the full return of his and her labor and has a fair share in the ownership of business he or she works for. You own land, if you are using it. As soon as the use stops, the ownership of land is nullified.

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