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Violent Crimes: A Comprehensive Analysis


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Fox News is reporting, “British police responding to reports of a hostage situation have cordoned off a key road in central London on Friday, Sky News reports.”
A study is recently done by Bruce Weinberg, (614) 292-5642; Weinberg.27@osu.edu
Written by Jeff Grabmeier, (614) 292-8457; Grabmeier.1@osu.edu
Weinberg conducted the study with Eric Gould of Hebrew University and David Mustard of the University of Georgia. They found that decline in wages, unemployment and where the accused lived, has a direct association with rise in violent crimes among men without college education. They studied the a period between 1979 – 1997, in which the inflation adjusted incomes of men without college education fell by 20%. They found that the property and violent crimes, increased in this group of population, by 21 and 35 percent, respectively.
This study confirmed a long standing notion that violent crimes are a direct result of poverty and economic conditions. Other factors implicated in violent crimes are hate, hateful ideologies, injustice, depression and criminal traits in personality. Most of the Islamic terrorism is directed by hate towards other religions, nations, countries, cultures and civilizations. The terrorist groups mostly rely on unemployed youth for recruitment, terrorist attacks and suicide bombings. There strongest argument is, ever increasing financial and economic inequality in the world today, in which two-thirds of world population lives on less then two dollars a day while others are making billions.
While there is a lot of emphasis on punishing criminals, demands for quicker trials and tougher punishments, there is not so much emphasis on prevention of violent crimes. The declining economic conditions, throughout the world since 1979 and ever increasing disparity between rich and poor was made even worse by 2007-2008 financial crisis. This crisis and the way it was handled did not only increased the disparity between rich and poor, it also made it crystal clear that rich enjoy much different and much better privileges then poor. The most criminal, big multi billion dollars and multinational banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, investment banks and corporate executives, who messed the whole world’s economy and financial system, did not only easily got away with all of that, but, were rewarded by trillions of dollars of hard earned, honest money of poor tax payers. This ridiculous public policy conveys to youth, the message that breaking law and snatching whatever you can, is the way to go and live.
It has been too long that we were able to hide the disparity between white collar criminal laws and blue collar criminal laws. This disparity is now much more evident and obvious then before, and much more then you may think. We are now, unfortunately, at the same point where the people revolted against kings and feudal lords, as a protest to the suppression of masses by privileged classes. Only difference is that this time it is directed towards corporations and it’s executives. Do not take occupy Wall Street to light and overlook it just by calling them a bunch of crazies and lunatics, and class warfare. History teaches us that class warfare is not a fiction, and once started, it is not stop able, and is very bad. It leads to lots of blood shedding and destroys the economies and financial systems, and nations and countries, as a whole. After that there is nothing left for anyone, rich or poor, powerful or week, influential or non-influential, privileged or unprivileged, higher or lower. Civilizations with centuries of glory have lost every thing, in no time, due to class warfare. Rewarding success is one thing, and it is good, but, punishing less fortunate is totally different. The fact is that in any society, past and present, majority belongs to less fortunate and when they rise, unite and decide to live or die, nothing can stop them. This is exactly what happened in glorious empires like Greek, Roman, Islamic, Chinese and Egyptian, this is what is happening in third world and Islamic countries, right now, and this is the fate of any worse economic inequality.
I grew up in Pakistan and I can tell you for sure that this is just the beginning of what has been going on in third world and Islamic world for so long, and what happened in Soviet Union and other socialist countries. The wide spread corruption in higher and privileged classes and circles, which was hidden for a while, started surfacing slowly and become very obvious after a while. The people, specially youth could not stand the fact that some people, by hook or by crook, can and do get everything, while they can’t even get a job, a right to honest and hard work earning. Youth started rising up. The privileged class labeled them as a bunch of lunatics and class warfare that would end and die by itself. But, it didn’t. Then, they tried every possible measure to kill this uprising. Violence, imprisonments, torture, you name it. That didn’t work either. This unsatisfied and rebellious youth became an easy prey to hateful and terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, Talibans and Al-Shabab.
Many people in West do not realize that this rebellion in youth is hurting their own countries more then anyone else. As the world is shrinking their effects are hitting us, more then ever. But, just take the example Pakistan. Many U.N. reports have declared Pakistan as the country most effected by terrorism. Terrorist attacks by so called Islamists, in a Muslim country, mostly killing Muslims, have become a routine. Pakistani military and law enforcement fought the most extensive and bloody civil war in which thousands of military and law enforcement people, and tens of thousands of civilians got killed, hundreds of thousands were displaced from their home to dismal and poorly financed camps. Loss of jobs and business, and damage to economy and property is in billions. This is just in addition to enormous damage done to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and other Muslim countries. Now, the question is, if these terrorists are really Passionate Muslims, as they claim, then, why they would cause such a huge damages to Muslim countries and Muslims?

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