Use Your Money To Control You

So, Anunnaki genetically engineered us some 200,000 – 250,000 years ago. We are hybrids of Anunnaki and Homo Erectus genes. Homo Erectus evolved on this planet Earth while Anunnaki came from another planet named as Nibiru in their accounts. Our creation is the earliest account of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Sperms and ova from these two species were fertilized in vitro (in the laboratory) and then implanted into the uteri of Anunnaki females, the most prominent of them is Ninhursag, herself a distinguished scientist and geneticist. She is the original mother of all.

We are simply not a combination of the genes of these two species, one terrestrial and other extraterrestrials. Our genes were later modified to make us perfect slaves. Modifications were also done to provide us the capability to reproduce. A very large portion of our DNA and brain was deactivated, now termed as junk DNA and inactive neurons of the brain, to imprison our multidimensional existence into three dimensions and to limit our lifespan to a maximum of hundred and twenty years. We were also made to believe that truth comes from authority. That is why most of us are still looking towards heavens for truth, guidance, and authority. This individual or group authority, most common forms of which are government and organized religion, is just an illusion because we all are one spirit with the free souls.

Fruit of knowledge was forbidden for us. We were supposed to be the most obedient servants in eternity. The original Geneticist, Enki, who engineered us looked at us as his own children, because he donated his sperms for our creation. He was sympathetic to us and was very concerned about our future evolution. Contrary to what was planned, he secretly engineered us to evolve into very long living multi-dimensional beings. In other words, to satisfy the demands from his half brother Enlil and his council, he deactivated those genes and parts of the brain only on a temporary basis. He and his accomplices also provided us access to the forbidden fruit of knowledge.

So, we started reproducing and grew our population rapidly. Our unique genes and knowledge, we acquired with the help of Enki and company, soon started showing that we were not turning out to be what was expected and planned. We were beautiful, handsome, intelligent, proud, not so confirming and liked to question authority. This outcome scared our creators, Anunnaki. So, they decided to get rid of us. This was planned to be done with the help of post ice age floods and nuclear wars. Sumer, Atlantis, Lumeria and Moen-jo-Daro were destroyed by atomic bombs and the remaining of us were left behind on Earth to be drowned in the post-ice age, global flood.

But, we turned out to be far more resilient. Our resilience combined with the help from Enki and company made us successfully survive the nuclear wars and the global flood. Enki and company helped Enki’s son Noah (Ziusudra) to build an ark, provided him with genetic material from all major species on Earth and taught him how to regrow various species of plants and animals from that material, after the flood. Once the flood receded, Enki and company came back to provide surviving humans with necessary food, water, and other supplies to rebuild a life-friendly environment here on Earth. Later on, when Enlil and his company returned to earth they were shocked to find out that humans did not only survived they were thriving. They were very upset about their betrayal from Enki and his company.

At that point, we were mostly free. It was very hard for Anunnaki to survive on Earth without our help. So, they started rounding up and enslaving us, again. Capturing and selling humans as slaves soon became a very profitable trade because it was very hard and expensive to capture us or buy us from slave traders and keep us enslaved. Thanks to Enki and company, we were spread all over the globe. We had knowledge, technology, will to fight back and stay free.

So, wise and mean Anunnaki came up with another genius plan. They said that they did not have to go through all of it to keep humans enslaved. There was a better way to do it. The new plan was very simple and brief but highly effective. It said:
“We do not have to work this hard and spend this much money to get humans. Let us just offer them safety and security via something we will call government. This government will have control over a certain territory. We will call it sovereignty. In return for the safety and security offered by the sovereign government, all the people living in that specific territory called state will be obliged to obey the sovereign. They will be called citizens. For this safety, security, and privilege of citizenship, we will charge a small fee. We will call it a tax. Keeping a large number of potential “citizens” in mind, the sovereign rulers or elite Anunnaki will never have to work again. They will just live off the tax money. This tax money, above all, will be used to control the very people who paid it to us, the humans. We will call it law, law enforcement, and justice”.
The idea was brilliant. In other words, they told us, “Instead of using our weapons and our money to enslave you, from now on, we will just USE YOUR MONEY TO CONTROL YOU.” Most human beings thought that it was a good idea to have safety and security guaranteed by their all powerful, resourceful, smart, noble, royal and elite masters. This was actually a ticket to eternal slavery, we all are still struggling to get out of. First, they got the right to rule us because they were gods, our creators.
Later on, the sons of gods found daughters of men irresistable and came on to them, and bore children. These children carried the gods’ genes and were considered royal or demigods. They became priests and kings and got the right to rule via a divine right, granted to them by their ancestor gods. Now, their grandchildren have the right to rule us provided to them by a constitution or some unknown, mysterious social contract which none of us ever signed.
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Born in 1964, business owner, from Woodbridge, VA, owns ExcitingAds! Inc. ( and blog ( He was born in Mirpurkhas, Sind, Pakistan. His elementary school was ST. Michael's Convent High School, Mirpurkhas, Sind, Pakistan. Graduated high school from ST. Bonaventure's Convent High School, Hyderabad, Sind, Pakistan. His pre-med college was S. A. L. Govt. College, Mirpurkas, Sind, Pakistan. Graduated from Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Jamshoro, Sind, Pakistan in 1990. Earned equivalency certification from Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, Philadelphia, PA in 1994.

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