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United States Foreign Policy Debate

I know that lots of Americans hold the views about U.S. foreign policy, which are like “It is not my problem”, “I don’t care”, “Doesn’t effect me”, “Not my concern”, “I have nothing to do with it”, etc. etc. Unfortunately, or fortunately, U.S. being the world’s largest economy, yet, it’s foreign policies have direct implications for every American’s standard of living, and, as a matter of fact, for every person living on this planet. As big, corporate media, keep downplaying the foreign policy debate, because it is major point of failure, for both, so called, major political party candidates, the serious economic debacle from failed foreign policies remain a huge concern. There is no doubt that many of our current financial issues are directly related to our failed foreign policies. Almost continuous involvement in wars, since first world war; providing large amounts of aids to foreign countries, basically to bribe our favored, dictatorial and military regimes; advertisements bought to bribe and influence media; money provided to political parties and terrorists, to forward and promote our agenda; and money spent on domestic and foreign corporate welfare, all are now coming back as trillions in national budget deficits and staggering amount of debt accumulated.

Mr. Romney is vowing to take a very strong position against China, on his first day in office. I want to ask him only one question, How do you take stand against the bank that holds your mortgage? China, literally, owns trillions of dollars of our debt and securities. If China starts floating those securities in markets, today, we will be literally broke by tomorrow. It will seriously bring down the value of our securities and jack up the interest rates to a level that it will become impossible for us to borrow any more money and afford what we already owe.

His claims remind me Obama in 2008. Just like him, Mr. Romney is promising everything, just to win the elections. He doesn’t care, if it is possible or not? If he actually going to do it or not? and what will be the consequences of those policies. All he cares about, right now, is to win the elections. We do not have tradition of keeping and fulfilling promises, anymore, specially after Obama, anyways. So, both of them are blubbering, whatever they can, in a two billion dollar war. Yes, both sides, along with the super PACs and so called non-partisan committees, are expected to spend one billion dollars each, this campaign season. That is billion with a ‘B’ and nine zeros. And we don’t even know the sources of most of this money, thanks to a recent Supreme Court decision. I mean, right now, the situation is that China, Russia, any Middle Eastern country, any big foreign corporation or bank, can make U.S. corporation and a super PAC under it’s umbrella, and start pouring as much money they want, to any one in the country, for whatever the cause, even if it is anti-American, in it’s extract, at least. Can you believe it? This is where the two party duopoly on our political system, has got us.

It is so threatening to me that our situation is, now, like the dying person who’s immunity is killing his own body cells. Along with budget deficits and debt, and the fact that most of our debt is held by countries like China, the election campaign financing, now, looks like the greatest threat to our security. Do you think that main stream politicians care? Of course not! They are happy that they, now, have easier access to more then ever amounts of money in campaign financing.

I am sure, in the debate, expected to be watched by fifty million viewers, thanks to corporate media, you will not hear much about real issues. Both candidates and moderators, will most likely follow the lines provided by their corporate bosses. Those will be very much like this:
World is becoming more and more dangerous. That is why we must keep policing it (At the expense U.S. tax payers, of course.). Terrorism is the result of external factors, not our foreign policy of extreme intervention. Romney, if not too scared of the mistake he made in second debate, will blame Obama for security failure in Libya. Obama will Bragg about killing of Osama Bin laden and other Al-Qaeda operatives. He will say that he ended war in Iraq and gradually withdrawing from Afghanistan. Romney would say that president should have not set and announced a date for withdrawal.
Non of them will say What the Eff we are doing in other countries? Why can’t we just mind our own business, stop this insanity, save the lives of our troops and people, reunite military families, stop insane spending on wars, and international diplomacy and intervention, and save and rebuild our reputation as a peace loving, graceful and respectful nation, again.

George Washington and Americans, who fought for their independence, basically, invented the modern guerilla warfare. That is why many British historians still refer to us as the nation of pirates (The term terrorism was not, yet, invented). It is so pity that we are, now, labeling every freedom fighter as terrorist. There is no doubt that killing innocent, non-combatant civilians is terrorism. But, every effort to liberate their people cannot be termed as terrorism. Our current definition of terrorism denies the right of people to fight and resist against oppression, for their rights and freedom. This is necessarily based on the assumption that an established government and state are always right, which were British, in our war of independence.
We created and funded Al-Qaeda, in war against Soviet Union, in Afghanistan. We provided them arms and trained them. They used terrorist and guerilla war tactics against Soviet Union. But, it was okay, for us, as they were fighting against Communism. Then, due to our military presence in Muslim Holy places in Saudi Arabia, Al-Qaeda turned against us. Now the same organization, with same people and same tactics, suddenly became terrorist, our excuse to attack other countries, and misuse and abuse the tax dollars of our own tax payers.

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