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The Coalition of Man and Technology, Part 1

As we currently live in an age of unchecked technological advancement, it is hard for us to comprehend the speed at which particular developments occur. While we appreciate the changes that are influential in our own daily existences, the larger picture remains somewhat vague and distorted, and it is only if you analyze them from afar that you realize the vast nature of metamorphosis. Then, you see a subtle but significant increase in the speed of change over a consistent period of time, with the result that we may soon entering an epoch of time where nature is overwhelmed by technology.
This may seem farfetched, but it is a theory which is well considered in academic circles. Professor Ray Kurzweil has made this study his life’s work, and he believes that machines and computers will soon be completely superior to human entities, leading into the emergence of artificial intelligence and the coalition of mankind and technology within a single being. Given the already significant and appreciable speed at which technology continues to advance, it is argued that by as early as 2050, human beings may be able to shape shift, control their nutrition and life free from disease for as long as they desire.
The Concept of Singularity and Rapid Technological Growth
The reason put forward for this is referred to as Singularity, which describes a single moment of time whereby machines advance beyond their human creators and into the ascendancy. This is based on a theory of accelerating returns, which states that technology has been developing at a steadily increasing rate since the beginnings of time, and is set to explode out of all accepted proportion in the coming years. This will see technological advances spiral beyond any semblance of human control, and eradicate the steady and linear lines of progression expected by social analysts and economists.
This concept may seem without a genuine basis, but merely observing the recent history of technological and scientific development is enough to provide a validation of sorts for the theory. If you consider technical innovations that have been welcomed into the public domain since 2005, in addition to the modifications they have inspired in the way that individuals conduct their day to day existence, then we are presented with a steep level of progression that is disproportionate to what was experienced previously. The inception of social media and its rapid evolution has been witnessed during this time, in addition to the creation of new mobile devices like the iphone which have revolutionized hand held devices and their range of functions.
The Segregation Caused by Swift Technological Advancement
If we choose to accept this theoretic as accurate, then we must consider the short and long term corollary for society. Given that certain aspects of advancement are already opposed due to their effects and rate of progression, there is a significant chance that the concept of Singularity could serve to alienate independent factions of society. This would apply most pertinently to any demographic within society who are ill accustomed and resistant to technology, as they would be left adrift of others who have welcomed the changes and adapted to them accordingly.
This is an inevitable consequence where the pace rather than the level of advancement is aggressive, and can lead to segregation between different sections of society. In an age where the US government is looking to tighten and unify the diverse fragments of their society, as well as integrate the many alternative cultures within single communities, then they can ill afford to allow rapid technological progress to create further divisions in terms of age demographics. Regardless of the ultimate aim of advancement, its path is sure to be strewn with those who resist it or struggle to accommodate it.
Social media is a good example the issues advancement can provide, as it has evolved significantly and at a rapid pace since the turn of 2005. It has become the preferred mode of communication for many adolescents or young adults, dominating every aspect of their social interaction where once it featured occasionally. This has made it increasingly difficult in some instances for parents or elder generations to interact with their children and younger associates, as they simply do not understand or adhere to the social media as a reputable outlet for communication. Here we have a change or evolution that is welcomed by some but opposed by others, and this difference manifests itself through subsequent social or communicative issues.

Consolidation within Society
While it cannot be denied that the majority of change and progression is beneficial in one way or another, there is always the potential for certain individuals to resist or become lost during a period of transition. It is then that technological advancement can become divisive, and serves to create significant divisions within different age demographics functioning within society. While there are huge logistical changes caused to processes through such changes, it is the pace of technological evolution that poses the most danger to society, and in particular the way that individuals interact and communicate.
The world seems in a permanent state of transition at the moment, especially in terms of cultivating multiculturalism and harmony amongst its citizens, and a period of consolidation may well suits its purpose. In terms of technology, this would allow society to adapt to proposed and continuous changes in methodology, regardless of whether the prophecy for a coalition of mankind and technology is based in fact or not. What can not be denied is that the pace of technological advancement continues unabated, and this must be regulated to protect all members of society.

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