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Ron Paul For president 2012





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If you really want Washington to take care of national debt and deficits, which are killing dollar, causing inflation, raising the cost of living and cost of doing business, lowering the standards of living, ruining the economy, making us financially bankrupt and dependent on countries like China, then Ron Paul and only Ron Paul is the answer.
If you want to end the endless, useless, aimless, expensive and not affordable wars, save the lives of young American soldiers, stop the killing of innocent civilians, restore our standing in the world, as a just and unbiased nation, bring down the most expensive and not affordable military empire, then Ron Paul and only Ron Paul is the answer.
If you want to end the senseless, expensive, not affordable and unconstitutional war on drugs, turn the use of drugs into a legally monitored activity, stop the loss of lives and health due to the use of contaminated needles and substandard illegal drugs, stop ruining the lives and careers of millions of people who are being indicted on a 100% constitutional activity, save billions of dollars spend every year on drugs related intelligence, law enforcement, courts, jails and lost wages and generate large amounts of taxes instead, then Ron Paul and only Ron Paul is the answer.
If you want take taboo off the world’s oldest profession, stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, save the huge amounts of money spent every year on the enforcement of prostitution related laws, stop ruining the lives and careers of millions of people getting indicted in prostitution related cases and if you do not want our intelligence personnel compromising the national security by involvement in foreign prostitutes, while on sensitive missions and if you would rather like to broaden the tax base, then Ron Paul and only Ron Paul is the answer.
If you love constitution and the liberties provided in it, which are the hallmark of America, worldwide, if you want to end the corporate slavery, if you want to restore the government of the people by the people and for the people, if you want our government to work for all the people, not for corporations and rich people only and if you want to restore sanity in Washington, then Ron Paul and only Ron Paul is the answer.
It is unbelievable, how big money controls, manages, regulates and manipulates everything in our country, now. White house, congress and legislature at every level, federal, state and local, are being controlled by corporate lobbies, big and mainstream media is owned and run by big corporations, Federal Reserve is controlled by big banks, courts work under the pressure of corporate media, welfare and military are eating the biggest chinks out of our national, state and local budgets. Honestly ask yourself a fair question, do you see the end of any of this under Romney or Obama? I am sure your honest answer will be, NO. Then why we want to keep giving our country into the hands of people who shouldn’t have any control over it? Just because that is what the big media is telling us? How long will we keep getting mesmerized by big media? How long will we keep going against our conscience and prefer media over the inner voice? If we are truly patriotic? If we really love our greatest country? If we want to secure our future generations? If we have a true sense of responsibility as an American citizen? If we realize that like all the glorious nations in past, we will not have unlimited time and space to keep committing mistakes? Then we have to act and we have to act now. We must stop choosing between war mongers and welfare mongers. If we don’t, then, they will bankrupt our great country.
This is what I would say to the people who support Romney or other Republicans for national security reasons. Strong national security is always built on strong economy. We were able to build the world’s best defense because we had the best economy. On the other hand countries Soviet Union were not able to sustain strong defense because it was not backed by strong economy. Any country in the world would love to have the best defense. But, most of them don’t have it because they do not have strong economies. This Republican war mongering is making us bankrupt and hence compromising our security.
Plus, these wars are generating large number of eternal enemies. Do you think the people who lost their loved ones in wars with us, will ever going to forgive us? This is natural and this is how the empires have played this game before, too. War, killings, loss of property and families, and hate, creates eternal enemies and entraps the warring nations in a perpetual cycle of wars. While some nations may have temporary gains and victories, these war games have ultimately wiped out the most glorious nations in history. We are getting no where with these wars. They are costing us lots of borrowed money, which our future generations have to pay back with interest. Our young men and women are getting killed, along with large number of innocent civilians, including kids, old, sick, disabled and bread winners for the families. We are losing our standing in the world. Lots of debt is getting pilled up which is driving down our currency, increasing the cost and negatively effecting the standards of living.
Take this example of, how we are deceived by our politicians and media and how we do not learn any lesson from the mistakes of past and how we keep committing the same blunders, again and again, under the influence of this propaganda. Now, there is little or no doubt that there was no sense in going to Vietnam war. We were deceptively got into it. It costs us lots of money, lives and reputation. This should have been a lesson to remember, for us, in future. But, we did same mistake with Iraq war and now are ready to commit the same with Iran.

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