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Although, government always tells you that the safety and security, and seller and buyer protection are the major goals of their regulations, and to some extent these are, but, the real motives behind regulations are taxes and protection of status quo. If you give a careful look to any set of regulations on any type of business which is a very hard thing to do because there are so many of those, and put yourself in the shoes of an entrepreneur, it will be very easy and quick for you to realize that the whole gamut of taxes and regulations makes it very hard for you to start, survive and compete against big guys.

This is the reason why big guys like big government, and they keep funding the election campaigns of the two most corrupt political parties. On the other hand, big media owned by the same big guys keeps telling you, oh! This time it is going to be different, just keep voting for two major political parties and voting for third parties is not even worth. Of course, each time you fall for this mischief and it is never different. As soon as these crooks get into a political office, they completely forget about their voters and promises they made to them, and start working for their real bosses in big corporations and their lobbies.

Thanks to American and human genius, the entrepreneurs, innovators, inventors and people with creative and imaginative minds, this cartel between media, government and big corporations get defeated every single time. Since, the beginning of last century a war on Capitalism is on. It has taken many shapes and changed many disguises, but, the basic purpose is same. Take away the empowerment provided by Capitalism to common folks, and give it back to a very small group of elite.

Don’t be deceived by big media propaganda and dirty tricks of politicians. Read your own history with your eyes and minds open. Starting from 1776, we created the world’s largest and richest economy, ever, in a very small period of less than two hundred years. All thanks to our unique constitution of liberty, Capitalism and Democracy. We also created the largest and wealthiest middle class, ever. After this came the leaders like Teddy Roosevelt who declared war on Capitalism, and stupid, collectivist ideas like Fascism, Nazism, Socialism and Communism. Theocracy, bureaucracy and aristocracy was already there to Capitalize on these ideas and leaders. They gave a 180 degree turn to our revolutionary idea of empowering the individuals through liberty and freedom, inalienable rights and economic independence.

The economy and middle class was growing at an unprecedented scale. It was impossible to convince people against Capitalism, Democracy and constitutional freedoms. So, they took a different route and got us in a very tricky way. These are the major points in the agenda to trick people back into the slavery of elite:

We have the best country, nation, economy and human rights situation in the world. We are wealthy and our people are generally doing well (They never tell you that all this was made possible by constitutional freedoms, Capitalism and Democracy). On the other hand most of the other world is still in poverty and there is a lot of bad existing and spreading around the world. In addition to this, we too have a segment of our population still living under poverty. So, it is our responsibility to stop bad and spread good around the world. So, we need to throw our policy of non-intervention which made it possible for us to focus on our own people rather than the people who do not want our help, out of the window. Beside this, we are not going to use the same system to empower the remaining people under poverty which empowered most of our population in an unprecedented way. But, to take the remaining Americans out of poverty, we are going to use a system which is a complete failure around the world and which has kept their own people in poverty and slavery of elite, forever. Starting from WWI this agenda got us involved in one war after the other and government kept growing. In order to pay for big government and wars, we had to tax people and businesses more and more which totally killed our economic competency. Instead of empowering people through entrepreneurship and freedom to get out of poverty, the new goal was to “help” the poor through an extended system of welfare which would perpetually keep them into poverty and dependent on corporate controlled government. Of course, this too required more taxation, further reducing our competence.

The net results of this ridicule were that our record growth rates fell down to a mere below average of 2-4% since early 1900s when our policies took a 180 degree turn to interventionism and welfare instead of non-intervention, and self-empowerment and freedoms.
People’s upward mobility from poverty to middle class virtually stopped, our ever growing middle class started shrinking, and more and more people started slipping into poverty and permanent dependence on corporate controlled government. Income gap between rich and poor kept rising, and wealth kept accumulating into fewer and fewer hands while poor kept getting poorer and poorer, as completely opposed to our first 150 years. This is not happening by accident. Please, open your eyes and look around. This is the original intention of grand plan of enslaving us back into the slavery of corporate run government by taking away our individual empowerment, freedoms and economic independence.
Thank you God, our entrepreneurs have come to our rescue, once again. Share economy empowered by Internet is changing the rules of game one more time, thankfully, into our favor. Not a surprise that status quo hates Internet and share economy. They are already raising concerns about quality of jobs in share economy, safety and security of workers and buyers, disruption of current economy and falling tax revenues. Please, do not fall for this bullshit. Share economy is actually creating the micro entrepreneurial jobs, free from the slavery of corporate jobs and strangling government regulations.
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