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Reddit PC AE bi-weekly #16 (NA and EU division) signups and schedule! : SF4

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Please read the tournament rules. Knowing in advance how things are going to proceed means I don’t have to spend time mid-tournament explaining how the tournament works, which makes things proceed a lot faster.


Our EU division is up and running again! EU players no longer have to feel left out! I need someone to stream the EU tournament however – if you’re interested, PM me.

Byes are worth a full point again.

Roll call will now be officially open up to an hour before the tournament starts.

Until I finish the long-promised/awaited ranking spreadsheet, each bi-weekly will only use the prior bi-weekly for seeding. Participants not in the previous bi-weekly will be seeded randomly.

Prior to the tournament, try to ensure your NAT type (GFWL menu > Settings > Network Information > NAT Type) is at least Moderate, but preferably Open – Restricted is/will be acceptable, but it’s possible two people with Restricted NAT types might face each other at some point, so I’d like to decrease the chances of that happening.

Disconnecting from IRC mid-tournament will now result in an automatic loss for the current round and a disqualification for the following round if you fail to reconnect by the following round, so please stay in IRC as long as you’re in the tournament

Byes – which occur in the case of an odd number of participants or a no-show – are now worth half a point instead of a full point.

Please use the same name on Challonge as you plan to use in IRC. This makes rollcall easier for both you and me. 🙂

The tournament bot’s source code is up on GitHub[1] for anyone that wants a look at it. I’m open to feature requests and bug reports as well, which you can submit by PM’ing me, or (preferably) on the GitHub project page’s issue tracker[2] .

IMPORTANT: As always, the tournament will be organized via the #redditfighting IRC channel on Here’s a link[3] to the web client in case you don’t have a desktop IRC client. Feel free to hang out in the IRC channel even when the tournament’s not running – there’s generally about 50 people in the chat at any given time who’re willing to talk about random stuff or play a few games.


The NA tournament will take place January 11th and start at 7:00PM EST, and the EU tournament will take place January 12th and start at 7:00PM GMT+2. Here’s the itinerary for both tournaments.

6:00-7:05PM: Tournament rollcall.

7:05PM: Registration closes, tournament starts, no-shows removed from the bracket.

9:00PM-10:00PM: Tournament concludes.


The stream will be on[4] for both divisions, though at this point I’m not sure who will be streaming – PM me if you want to stream. PM me if you’d like to commentate as well.


Registration for both divisions is on Challonge, like usual.

NA division signups[5]

EU division signups[6]

Registration will close at 7:05PM the day of the tournament. As always, I’d appreciate it if you registered earlier than that. 😛


Rollcall will be handled the way it was prior to DirectorBot: I’ll call out your Challonge bracket name in the IRC channel, and once you respond, I’ll put you down as checked in. If you haven’t checked in by 7:05PM, I’ll remove you from the bracket, so please hop on IRC before then!

Matches (except for streamed matches) are run in a 2-man lobby, with the higher seed creating the lobby and inviting the other player.

Streamed matches are run in a lobby created by the streamer, who invites the two participants to that lobby.

One match per round is streamed, with the exception of the double-elimination bracket – the entire winner’s side of the double-elimination bracket is streamed.

The streamer chooses what match is streamed each round, and contacts the two participants via IRC to notify them that their match is being streamed. Be sure your match is not being streamed before creating a 2-man lobby.


The tournament will be run using the Swiss bracket system until the top 8 players are determined. Top 8 will then be run via a traditional double-elimination bracket, using each player’s placement in the Swiss bracket as their seed in the double-elimination one.

Matches are all best 2 out of 3, with the except of loser’s finals, winner’s finals, and grand finals in the double-elimination bracket, which are best 3 out of 5 (plus a possible bracket reset in grand finals).

Counterpicking follows the standard tournament rules: Counterpicking ultra is allowed at any time, but counterpicking with a character is only allowed if you lost the previous match. Failure to follow this rule results in an automatic loss for that match. (the emptysys rule)

Disconnecting results in an automatic loss of one match. Failure to reconnect inside 5 minutes results in an automatic loss of that set.

Use the same name on Challonge as you plan on using in the #redditfighting IRC channel. This makes it easier for me to determine whether you’re online or not.

Please, please do not leave the IRC channel during the tournament. If you have issues connecting to the IRC channel, PM me on Reddit and we’ll get things worked out.

Leaving IRC before the tournament is over – or, at least, your part in it is – will result in an automatic loss for the current round if you have not yet re-joined by the time by the current round is over, and if you have not joined by the time the round after that is over, you will be disqualified.

Prior to the tournament, try to ensure your NAT type (GFWL menu > Settings > Network Information > NAT Type) is at least Moderate, but preferably Open. Restricted is also acceptable, although not preferred. This makes it more likely everyone will have an easy time connecting to one another. (the TenaciousR78 rule)

via Reddit PC AE bi-weekly #16 (NA and EU division) signups and schedule! : SF4.


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