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Overcoming Relationship Issues in the New Year

Overcoming Relationship Issues in the New Year
It is well known that divorce lawyers enjoy their busiest period in the immediate aftermath of Chistmas and the New Year. The reasons cited are numerous, and there are several subsequent theories as to why relationships and marriages should suffer throughout the festive period and advent of a brand new year. The issue with decision making and definitive resoltuions around this time period is that they may be the subject of an emotive reaction and poorly considered concepts.

As divorce statistics remain at approximately 48 percent in the US, there is an ever increasing focus on the reasons given for separation and the termination of long term union. This is due to concern that although more and more individuals are facing singledom in the country, the population continues to swell unabated, and therefore the impact and worth of family values are becoming lost amongst a swathe of poorly judged decisions and emotive reactions to stressful or problematic situations.

Reasons for Seperation in the New Year
The New Year is a time well known for personal resolutions and lifestyle modifications, as people throughout the US strive for a prosperous and improved year ahead. This tradition has evolved over time and become far more significant within contemporary culture, with the 1st of January now utilized as a psychological watershed and a beacon for hope and regeneration. This is especially true where people are emerging from a year of tumult, most pointedly with regards to their personal lives and financial issues.

These issues are even more relevant in a society that is recovering from a global recessecion, where money is tight and expenditure kept to a premium. When you consider this financial pressure intensifying through Christmas and its requisite festivities and costs, a clear picture forms concerning the levels of stress that are placed on marriages and relationships. As Christmas then draws to a close, the sudden release of stress can encourage individuals within a relationship to aspire for something different in their lives, and mistakenly leave a union for a solitude and peace that they think is infinately better.

Of course, it isn’t neccessarily a wise move, as decisions manufactured as an immediate response to turmoil or pressure are rarely considered or thoughtful. They are therefore ill judged, and engineered out of emotion rather than practicality. It also questions the value that people place on their individual marriages and relationships, especially in instances where they are ready to compromise their positions within a family as a seemingly flippant response to financial or personal stress.

Resolutions and Forward Thinking
The key to reducing the level of separartion and subsequent divorce over the New Year period is to evaluate exactly what this period stands for. It is not, as some percieve, a symbol of change and modification, but in fact one of improvement. Therefore, rater than visualing the New Year as an excuse to leave a stressful or difficult home situation, it should be considered as an opportunity to assess the existing circumstances and work out ways in which they can be bettered.

This is a simple theory, but requires people to think with their heads and not their emotions. The process demands a clarity of thought and reason, with each individual in a relationship or situation understanding their own feelings and controlling them so that they are still significant without been dominant. This then allows those who are afflicted by pressure and the burden of emotion to remain in touch with their problems without letting them regulate the possible solutions.

Once an individual is clear on their own viewpoint, this can be discussed with their partner and other affected people. Through the controlling of emotion, and a clear comprehension of their own independent views and aspirations, then an individual can tackle and discuss even the most tender and difficult of topics. This should ensure that, rather than someone making a rash and ill considered decision to end a relationship or marriage, they instead calculate steps and processess to allow the union to progress and prosper.

Ensuring a Prsoperous New Year
It is clear to see why, after the stress and costs that are affiliated with Christmas, so many relationships and marriages suffer in its aftermath and throughout the New Year. However, these pressures act as a catalyst, and only serve to trigger extreme emotional responses and rash decision making processes. The main point to remember is that while an emotive response may be effective in the short term and seem like a tremedous release of stress, it is more often than not detrimental to long term happiness and prosperity. Therefore, by treating the New Year as a platform for communication and improvement rather than change, a personal relationship is more likely to grow stronger rather than diminish or terminate.

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