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Thoughtful and well informed people are increasingly and more forcefully asking the question, who is ultimately responsible, if multiple federal government agencies, break laws, repeatedly and seriously. President Obama is playing that in each of the three major scandals, federal government is facing, right now, he did not know what was going on? What he means by this is that he is not responsible, at all, for any of this. Can you believe, this is the guy who used to be the ultimate advocate for executive responsibility? The reason he is giving, for his incompetence, is that the government is too big. Wow! Isn’t it, he is the one could not stop preaching the notion that government is the only solution for most of the problems and issues.

Surprisingly, he is now realizing that big government is a problem. He is continuously arguing against his own administration. But, he wants us to exempt him from the responsibility that his administration bears, although he is the president. This is very different from 2008 election campaign, when he held president Bush responsible even for gas prices.

Size, and extent and intensity of authority are the valid issues associated with any big government. For the most part of human history, in almost every corner of world, big and authoritarian governments have caused huge and well known issue. When we talk about big government, we are not talking about something that is hypothetical. Human beings have far more than enough experience with big and authoritarian governments, around the globe. History tells, without any doubt that big governments have always lead to tyranny, and suppression of citizens’ rights.

This was the reason why our forefathers built this nation, contrary to the popular and existing norm of big and authoritarian government, on the principles of small government and individual freedoms. This idea worked great. So, great that in less than two hundred years, we built the richest and most powerful nation, in the history of nations and all the other competing ideas and ways of life got dwarfed. Land of free and brave became the dreamland of every entrepreneur, creator, innovator, inventor and adventurist. Unmatched freedoms did miracles like airplanes, light bulbs and electricity, railroads, assembly line, television and computers and Internet, to name just a few. The extreme ingenuity, creativity, innovation and business ventures were the direct result of freedoms people enjoyed here, and outclassed everyone else in a very short period time.

Although all this was never favorable for special interest, corporations and their lobbies. They could not stand the power, rights and freedoms that individuals and small businesses enjoyed in this country. As long as these freedoms existed and government had limited authority, special interest had no chance to grow and gain more influence.

On the other hand, American people had already rejected Socialism and Communism. So, contrary to most Europe and other parts of the world, there was no chance in that respect, either. So, how do they pave the path for big government, which then ultimately curb the individual freedoms and help corporations tighten their control over society?

As the first step, a new term of liberalism was coined. This was very smart. They knew that Americans love their freedoms, and liberalism sounds similar to freedom and liberty. The idea was to label it as the way of life based on progressive thinking. Progressive thinking means that the world and humanity are going through a continuous evolution and its demands and needs progress, change and grow over time. So, any system or ideology or way of thinking or way of life, doesn’t matter, how good it is, gets outdated with the passage of time. Hence every system, every nation, every country, every school of thought, every way of life and every approach must remain contemporary by adopting to the evolution and changes. To their good luck, the other group which loved the existing system and freedoms, was called conservative, or the people who want to preserve an outdated system or status quo. So, conservative became synonymous with backward. This view was particularly strengthened by strong alignment of many conservative groups, with religion, due to which they too lost touch with real freedoms and the idea of small government.
Liberals knew that it is very difficult to sell most of their ideas to most Americans, in their raw form. So, they targeted the young and immature minds, right from beginning. They were very successful in contaminating school, college and university syllabi with their liberal ideas. Young minds are being brainwashed, right from beginning, in the name of humanity. On the other hand the capitalism and capitalists are being labeled as selfish, cruel and self-centered.
Most students, coming out of this system, already have a soft corner for these so called progressive and contemporary ideas that sound familiar to them from school.
Their other target was big media. They knew that Americans heavily and increasingly rely on big media for news, information and entertainment. Liberals successfully infiltrated into the radio and TV networks, newspapers and magazines, and big book publishers. Making fun of, and downplaying the true American values, Capitalism and individual freedoms became a routine. Conservatives and specially Libertarians, were totally kicked out of the loop. Promotion and propaganda of liberal values became the order of time. Character assassination of people standing up against big government was not a problem, at all, now. News reports became highly biased. For example they would report for days and weeks a shooting incident, but, would never report guns saving lives, families and property.
The unmatched, open, plain and leveled field provided by America, to all its citizens, was gradually replaced by ever increasing and complicating structure. From tax laws to corporate law, to every day codes, everything was made so complicated, and in so much abundance that it became hard, even to breath, for regular folks. You increasingly needed more and more money, power and influence to survive and thrive in this society. Securing capital for start-ups and early stage companies became nightmare. Hence the competition was killed even before it learned to walk.

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