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Nuclear Proliferation, U.S., Iran, North Korea

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Wars, hostilities and weapons of mass destruction have always been the products of a sense of entitlement. Aggressors always argue that they are entitled to this because of that and that. Bottom line is , if you want to do this, you can always come up with an array of arguments and reasons. The truth of the matter is that most of this has nothing to do with reality. These are fabricated arguments to justify an illegal and immoral position, like any other criminal would do, and that is it.

With regard to the nuclear weapons, it started in world war two, when Germany and United States started to pursue the nuclear weapons. A very large scale war was going on and both parties argued on the basis of self defense. U.S. was more successful and quicker in achieving it’s goal of building nuclear bombs. And then the whole world saw it, United States used it, twice, against it’s warring enemy Japan. Although U.S. argues that the bombs were used to stop a fierce and extremely bloody war, there are several very strong arguments which are still being used to nullify the U.S. argument. The first, foremost and most powerful argument is that the people killed in those, so called, attempts to stop war, were real people. A very large number of real people were killed to stop killing and the people who didn’t die had genetic, economic and other implications for generations to come. Also, the decision was made to drop bombs on Japan, an Asian country, as opposed to Nazi Germany, a far more fierce enemy, with a predominantly white population.

Regardless of the arguments from both sides, and the weight they carry, the fact of the matter is that the weapons of mass destruction, in the possession of any country or nation are extremely dangerous. There is an inherent bias in the argument that communist North Korea should not have the weapons of mass destruction or extremist regime in Iran should not have WMDs. As a matter of fact no one should have weapons of mass destruction.

But, the fact is that the countries identified as Nuclear Weapon States (NWS) in non-proliferation treaty (NPT) still have over twenty-two thousand nuclear warheads. If you put all the propaganda and media bias aside and pass a neutral judgment, will you be able to say that these five countries for whatever reason have the right to own stockpiles of extremely destructive weapons, while others do not? Does it makes any sense, at all? Particularly, when these five, so called nuclear powers, leverage there firepower, specially United States, against other countries, all the time? I mean, just put yourself in the shoes of an Indian or Pakistani or North Korean or Israeli or Iranian and try to understand why you would not be allowed to do something that others are doing tons of? This is like you lie all the time and tell your kids that lying is a very bad thing, at the same time? That is why United Nations doesn’t work. It is because five nations have supreme power of veto in security council. Right or wrong, nothing can go through U.N. security council, unless all five of them agree or, at least, not oppose. Can you come up with any true moral or ethical justification for that?

India is dead right when it says that NPT was designed to create nuclear ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ and, in long run, it will never work. Albeit, it is not working. I believe and I think you would agree that only way to make an any international treaty or organization work, is by treating everyone of those, equally. This is the only way to ensure and improve compliance. As long as the big, powerful and the richest ones keep forcing their agendas on smaller, weaker and poorer countries, humanity is not getting anywhere. In this way, we will continue our journey on the path of self destruction. There is no true way to world peace and avoidance of the path of destruction, unless everyone of us accept that all men are created equal. People, nations and countries will not comply unless we treat them with dignity, respect and honor. We must realize that their interests, not just ours, are critically important, as well.

If we are really serious about nuclear non-proliferation, and we really mean what we say, then we must get serious about disarmament. Every country and nation must realize that there is no disarmament without non-proliferation and there is no non-proliferation without disarmament. We fear that the disarmament will increase the leverage for smaller nuclear powers, and will become a bigger incentive for acquiring nuclear weapons. On the other hand, smaller nuclear powers and nuclear power want to bees fear that without nuclear weapons, their security is or will be jeopardized, and they are or will be treated like a shit. There is some truth to both sides. But, we are not getting anywhere if we let these fears take over our sanity.

We need to understand that national security is national security. There is no big or small, when it comes to that. As a matter of fact, smaller, weaker and poorer countries have more reasons to be concerned about their security. For every country and nation, not just for us, national security is a critical issues. No country is willing to compromise it’s national security, regardless of the fact that it is for or against our interests. We must stop analyzing other countries’ policies, strictly based on ‘our interests’ only. We must give up the feudal behavior and attitude, and realize that these countries and nations are sovereign and we are supposed to respect their independence.
The beauty of this world is in it’s diversity. God or no God, religion or no religion, this ideology or that ideology, every one has a right to chose, just like us. We treat everyone with respect and dignity, and desire to be treated with respect and dignity. As long as there are superiors and inferiors, there are no workable solutions. Only national equality is an answer to our global issues and problems.

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