Junk DNA, Inactive Brain, Hidden Capabilities

Junk DNA, Inactive Brain, Hidden Capabilities

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There is a phrase that eBay made very popular, “One person’s junk is other person’s treasure”. If you are convinced that a certain object is junk, you are very likely to discard it or not pay any attention to it. Junk inherently means, “useless”, in a world where the usefulness of something provides it a value. Value also depends on supply and demand. If you run out of Oxygen in space which you breathe for free on Earth, someone can sell it to you for everything you own since this is will be the only way for you to save your life. If someone else needs it too, you will do your best to outbid the other person. People often label as junk whatever they do not want or do not like.

Deoxyribonucleic Acid, DNA, an acidic molecule is the most fundamental building block of all known life. It has one Oxygen less than ribonucleic Acid, RNA, Which mediates the communication to and from DNA. All DNA, in any known life form, is formed with four bases. DNA constitutes a cluster of molecules called genes while genes get together and form strands of chromosomes. DNA molecules is a double helix. Each and every human cell has 23 pairs of chromosomes and 20,000 – 25,000 genes. DNA is turned on or off by the signals from surrounding environment, communicated to it vis cell membrane receptors and RNA.

Inactivity renders a living entity as useless. Inactivity of a living entity is a huge waste. If certain parts or portions a living entity are inactive, it is very likely to never reach its full potential or it cannot be fully functional, at the least. Without the participation of inactive parts or proportions, the entity may not be able to perform all of its functions, either. In order to perform all its functions to the fullest of its potential, the living entity will have to find the ways to activate its inactive parts or portions. A living entity may not even realize its full potential or the full range of activity and capabilities as long as some parts or portions of it are inactive.

The human brain is the most complicated existence ever known to humanity. The human brain has about 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion connections. Human brain constructs our sense of the world around us, with the help of sensory inputs from five or maybe six senses. It also provides self-awareness to the individual which is transmitted to it from human consciousness. The human brain is a vicious pattern recognizing machine. Most humans use only 10 percent of neurons, most of the times.

Best way to make someone not use some capabilities is by hiding those capabilities or by never letting him or her realize the existence of those capabilities. Hidden or unused capabilities may be forgotten after some time, especially within few generations. Over time people may also lose the ability to use the hidden capabilities. Finding, activating and using the hidden capabilities could ultimately become a long and hard shot. Realization and mastery of certain hidden capabilities by a significant proportion of the population may become a threat to status quo or existing power structure. Capabilities can also be kept hidden by stigmatization of practices and substances that help to identify, build and use those capabilities. A law is a very strong weapon used to hide human capabilities and keep those unexplored and undeveloped.

A capability is one’s ability to do something. A capability is useless if you do not know about its existence and if you do not know how to identify, build, grow and use it. It may be rendered useless by banning its use or by banning the practices or substances which may help to identify, build, grow and use that capability. Limiting the identification, growth, and use of a capability may render the living beings powerless resulting in the dependence or slavery, direct and indirect. The purpose of restrictions on the identification, growth, and use of a capability could be to convert the purpose, identity, and use of individual into the one that fits power structure’s own design. Making the identification, growth, and use of certain capabilities illegal may result in the change, degradation or suppression of morality and moral ideals.

The worse part is that we find all of these unfortunate phenomena happening in regard to human beings. 98% of our DNA is considered junk, 90% of our brain is inactive and our hyperdimensionality is kept hidden. Question is can nature or does nature create this kind of inefficiency, as part of nature? I mean, did natural evolution developed certain things and capabilities within us which were not necessary or just shut down the useless ones later on? Logically speaking, why certain basic components and capabilities would even evolve if those were not needed or were not important? Why would nature evolve in us the complicated molecules of DNA, 98% of which would turn out to be junk or extremely complicated brain 90% of which would remain inactive in most people, most of the time? Is it only me? Or this puzzles you too? I know it frustrates lots of other people too, especially when we do not even know what miracles the 100% active DNA and 100% active Brains could and would do? We do not really know what capabilities and what strengths are actually hidden in this so-called junk DNA and inactive brain? We have some traditions, some history, some ascended masters and some shamans that may provide us some hints, but, what it truly means is still a mystery.
Big Hs still remain mostly unanswered, who, how, when, where and why? I have found out that these are really not a mystery after all. Religions, states, governments, media, lobbies, and banks have tried their best to make and keep these secrets as a mystery, but, the truth came out and is getting more and more evident and popular. Enuma Elish from Sumerian records has answered these questions, many of the questions being ages old like where, why and how did rulers, elite and governments come from and what is their purpose? Who are we? Where did we come from? Who created us? Why are we so restricted and chained?
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