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The authority flows from individual. All the social, political, economic, financial, defense and legal structure is meant to safeguard the individual rights, well-being and happiness. If individuals are not free, and cannot exercise their inalienable rights to life, liberty, property and happiness, then, state and government loses its legality. All these institutions are made for individual, not the individual was born for these. This is the purpose of American society, based on a constitution. The mere presence of a constitution proves that we are a Republic, not a Democracy. Our Democracy is subjugated under constitution. No law, no regulation, no branch of government, no government official, no agency, no institution has any authority to violate any of the constitutional principles.

Constitution does not only emphasizes on the limited government authority, but, is also meant to keep the branches of government separate, with complete separation of power and authority. It never meant to create, so called, agencies, bureaus, services and administrations with a conjugation of authority, divided between three branches of government. Unfortunately, now, we have a large number of government agencies, which, in real sense, and in most cases exercise the powers of legislation, enforcement and justice, never meant to accumulated in a single authority. This is the reason why government agencies are so scary and authoritarian.

Constitution requires to have a rule of law in our country. Over time, we are drifted towards the rule of force. Most actions that government takes and most rules and regulations we follow, are because, government can exercise its force and we are subjected to obey. The court system, on the other hand has become so complicated and expensive, that constitutional retribution of grievances, has practically become a joke. Even though millions of citizens believe that IRS, Federal Reserve, restrictions on right to bear arms, NSA, extra judicial assassinations of US citizens and Guantanamo are unconstitutional, they cannot get a court ruling against those, yet.

Federal Reserve System has got us into a perpetual monetary slavery. Money, instead of being generated by economic activity, is being printed, in trillions of dollars, at Federal Reserve. This printed, fiat money is devaluing the dollar and causing serious inflation. This in other words means the devaluation of our wealth, labor, assets, property and savings. This is a huge indirect tax on us. Problem is that most people do not even understand it. Politicians, text books and big media are telling that the injection of this worthless money into economy is generating wealth, investment, economic and business activity, jobs and incomes.

May be. But, it is destroying the fundamentals and basics of economy. It is causing serious distortions in markets. Money is not going where the demand is, if there is any. It is going to finance the political favoritism, campaign financiers and ideological preferences. Most of the economic activity being generated is not sustainable, and is merely a bubble, even if, it is generating any economic activity. A bubble which can burst any time like tech, real estate and other bubbles in past.

Government and big media are trumpeting non-violence, while they keep waging one war after the other. And what they do to non-violent movements and people, is another domain. Just see what they have been doing to Occupy Movement? What IRS did to Tea Party? What is happening to Assange, Manning and Snowden. Notion is that government has all the rights to use violence, and pass the check to tax payers, while the constitutionally sovereign individuals have no right to fight for their inalienable rights. Whatever you do, just do not challenge the ever expanding and growing authority of government and its power.

It sounds like that Anarchists are right, anyways. State and government are becoming the ultimate enemy of individual, his or her rights and happiness. Their belief that whatever you do, state is the institution that does, and will always seek an unending expansion and perpetuation of its power and authority, is turning out to be standing the test of time. Crony Capitalism and politics of money are ultimately becoming the words of day. Plato’s idea that democracy can only survive in the nation of Gods, seems to be the writing on wall. Even the Machiavellian theory that the world has always been, and will always be ruled by two percent, does not appear to be so wrong.
The ever worsening state of affairs, shatters the ones faith on institutions and systems like state, government, Democracy, Capitalism, and society and civilization, in general. Chairman Mao once said, “Religion is Opium”. When religion declined, elite found and invented another pill for us, the big media. Doesn’t matter whatever the f*ck may be happening in the world, big media will keep you engaged and distracted with all kind of crepe, most of which does not even have any entertainment value, needless to talk about news worthiness. They provide you totally nonsense talking points for your day to day life.
Even in the Marx’s paradise of proletariat, which is the ultimate destination of his dialectics, there is no government. He said that a state will be reached where there will be absolutely no need have a government, and hardworking people will live forever in the state of complete and perfect harmony, without any interference and excursions from state. It is unbelievable that the Socialists and Communists, around the world, including Mao, Lenin, Castro, Pol Pot, and many others, ruthlessly and wickedly, converted, one of the most anti-state theories into most coercive statist systems.
My friend, you are the center of the universe. The very existence of every institution in the world is for you, by you and of you. Do not compromise your central position, at any cost. Do not accept the false propaganda that you are totally submitted to government and state. Government and state did not invent you, you created them, to protect and safeguard your interests as an individual, with limited power and authority, which you delegate to them. They are not your bosses. You are the reason for their very existence. You are born free, and must remain free from any limitations on your freedom and liberty.

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