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We want to express our deepest sympathy and grief for the victims of Aurora, Colorado massacre victims and their loved ones. This incidence has re-ignited the long going gun control debate in our country. This is a very important issue, from the points of the view of human rights, constitutional rights, law and order, government powers and even human lives and safety. In this article we are going to research and analyze the right to bear arms issue and will compare the arguments from both sides.

Guns and gun control in United States is a very burning issue. As you know, this debate seems to be going, forever. People for the gun rights make a constitutional argument. Bill of Rights and second amendment in constitution, has specifically provided gun ownership rights to all U.S. citizens. On the other hand, in the wake of ever increasing gun violence, improved technology, better organized, equipped and trained police, and intelligence services, and example of many European countries and Canada, the gun control lobbies have been demanding restrictions on gun ownership, or even a total ban on gun ownership, for private citizens.
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As a matter of fact, this issue is far more broader and deeper then the superficial arguments that we hear on big media, all the time. America and Americans got their highly valued independence, freedoms and liberty after a very long and hard fought war with world’s strongest, most organized, most equipped and most resourceful military, at the time, British military. Our forefathers did not have too many choices. Basically they had to choose between the two major choices. A forever slavery under British government or an independent land of free and brave. The only problem was that because, British were determined to keep America under their tyrannical control, they had to risk everything, including their lives, for the freedom and liberty, if they wanted it. The only way to freedom was long, harsh and bloody, and required, for the most part, the involvement of every freedom loving American. So, guess what they did? They risked their lives and every thing they had for the sake of freedom and liberty. They showed it with their deeds, undoubtedly, that they would be rather dead, instead of being enslaved by British. Every freedom loving American became a fighter for freedom and liberty. Everyone of them armed himself, as much as he could and jumped into the battlefield. Different people played different very important roles in that bloody struggle. Some enrolled in military and went to have a direct confrontation with government. Others became spies and provided highly valuable intelligence to freedom fighters. Yet others were neighborhood defenders and street fighters. Another group provided critically needed money and armed conflict related resources. Women prepared the armor and food for the soldiers and provided nursing and other related care for the wounded and others, effected.
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Getting armed was the need of day. If you were for liberty and freedom, the survival was virtually impossible, without being armed and skillfully training yourself, to use those arms. The dedication and sacrifices of those freedom fighters worked and British were finally defeated, decisively. America, officially, became the land of free and brave.

Before America, the world lived under the assumption and theory that government can and must provide everything, including safety, security and protection for citizens. But, history has repeatedly shown that governments, often, become an organ of suppression, instead of protection. As far back as we can go in the history of humanity, people have always possessed arms for the protection of themselves, their family and their property. This was prevalent even before the invention of organized governments. In history, whenever a tyrant or a suppressive government came into power, the first thing it did was to unarm the masses. In America. right before American revolution, British government tried to do the same. Luckily, forefathers and freedom loving people failed that attempt and not only kept American armed, but, made them even more armed. The biggest reason, due to which Americans were able to win the revolutionary war was because they were armed.
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Since then, many have questioned the intention of second amendment. They say that second amendment provided the right to bear arms to people who served in a “well organized militia”. So, this is a collective right, as opposed to an individual right. To find out the answer to this question we have to give a careful and keen look to constitutional history.
Historically speaking, second amendment to the constitution of United States of America, is a part of Bill of rights, which is comprised of first ten collective amendments made to that new constitution. If you have look at all these ten amendments or the bill of rights, as a whole, it will not take a genius to realize that the basic purpose of bill of rights was to protect the rights of individual. Everywhere else, in the bill of rights or other ten amendments, the word rights is interpreted as individual rights, not collective rights. The very basic reason for writing, designing, passing, rectifying and making it the part of constitution was that the majority of people and their representatives felt that original constitution did not provide sufficient guarantees for individual rights and civil liberties. The whole tone of bill of rights is anti-federalist and pro-individual. For example, when you read the first amendment, you do interpret the rights of freedom of speech, press, petition, assemble and religious rights, as the collective rights. You, and everyone has always interpreted these rights as the individual rights, provided by constitution, to all American citizens.
Having said, all this, I must emphasize the fact that we, as a nation, have a much higher rates of gun related violence, compared to other developed countries, which have some sort of gun control laws in place. Every single methodologically done study, that compared the self-defense use of guns with the criminal use of guns, have found that the criminal use of guns out number the self-defense use, anywhere from six to thirteen times.
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