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Gulf Oil Spill

Another example of deceptive corporate practices that prevail in our society. For how long oil companies and their paid agents (politicians) have told us that off-shore drilling is completely safe and technology is so advanced that there are no more risks associated with it. What technologies they were talking about? Ones that were never tested! Ones that disastrously failed one after the other!! They deceived us and failed the nation, again. The incredible risk posed to wild life, jobs and economy is unbelievable. All due to shameful corporate greed and serious negligence in security and maintenance of their facilities. Do you know there are four thousand of those wells just in Gulf of Mexico!!! And they want to drill even more!!!! When it comes to profits and money, do they care about anything and anyone?

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  4. itยดs a global problem, is necessary to generate environmental awareness in all countries around the world.

    1. Thank you for your comments Enriqueta. I agree. But, we are a world leader and the biggest polluter in whole world.

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