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We have experienced a couple of government shutdowns. Unfortunately, these shutdowns have not happened on the grounds of real solutions for major issues faced by our government. These have mostly been like one want a 3.7 trillion dollar budget and other wants 3.5. As usual, every time something like this happens, big corporate media creates a baseless hoax. It gives us the illusion that federal government shutdown can somehow ruin the lives of all of us with its adverse economic effects. Yet, shutdowns happened and most average Americans did not feel even a tiny bit of impact on their lives. This is because of the fact that government does not run economy. It destroys the economy. So, government shutdowns, in their real sense, are a blessing in disguise.

Many people wish a permanent shutdown and with government shutdown they do not mean twenty percent government closing, like it happened in previous shutdowns. They mean a real and complete shutdown. This could be a very good way of getting government out of our way. A real and complete government shutdown will mean billion and even trillions of dollars saved in wasteful spending which can be kept by their real owners, the citizens and tax payers. These saved dollars can then be used for personal and family wellbeing, supporting the economy and businesses, and creating jobs.

Overtime, government has just grown bigger and bigger. Most of the new functions and duties it has adopted are either related to welfare or policing the world and guess who picks up the tab? Of course tax payers like you and me. Ever growing taxation is ruing the lives of average Americans and in particular small businesses. Jobs are getting killed and about 20% percent of Americans are still unemployed or under employed. On the other hand cronyism, corporate welfare and military industrial complex are thriving. Most government regulations like green initiatives, for example, favor big corporations at the cost of small businesses and average tax payers.

With government holding too much of tax payers’ money and too much power, comes tyranny. Choices are getting limited day by day and government is increasingly trying to dictate what we can eat, which type of home we can live in, what kind of healthcare we should have, what kind of vehicles we should be driving, which school our kids should be going to and even which kind of utility and service providers we should have? This is crazy. What happened to American dream of liberty and freedom?
Another ugly aspect of big government has been unending wars and interventions in other countries.
Unfortunately, this government violence in other countries is, now, not just limited to other countries. It is being imported to our own country and American citizens are increasingly facing the challenge of government violence, in the form of militarization of law enforcement, for example. While government is trying everything possible to take away our constitutional right to bear arms so that this last hurdle in the way of full blown tyranny is removed, every single law and regulation is being enforced with serious coercion and literally at the gun point.

The sense of respecting individual rights is rapidly disappearing from our government and corporate media. IRS literally has unrestricted powers, Federal Reserve can manipulate money supply without any checks and balance, police can do whatever they want without fearing any consequences, government agencies can spy on citizens, no one can challenge tax payers sponsored insane subsidies to world’s richest corporations, and high risk loans and credits from tax payers’ money are being awarded to favorites and political campaigns financiers in billions of dollars. Is there any end or limit to this cronyism and waste?

If, like corrupt politicians and corporate media, you want government to continue to operate so that they can keep going on with this robbing of tax payers, even under these circumstances than you must be crazy. Our debt is now more than hundred percent of our world’s largest GDP, our annual deficit is 1.1 trillion dollars a year and counting. In spite of all of this, government keeps growing, and to fund this growth the people must be taxed to death. If you put all the local, state and federal governments together, the 45% of our GDP is now government. This is 45% percent of our 17 trillion dollars economy getting directly dumped into world’s most inefficient, corrupt and tyrannical institution, government.
Just imagine the change if people are allowed to keep this waste of 45% of their wealth? Do you really think that there would be any bad economy anymore? Or there could be any jobless people anymore, unless, obviously if you do not want to work? The problem is that the solution suggested by politicians and big media for the problems created by government, is even more government and we fall into this trap every single time. So, problems keep growing and multiplying.
The incentives to be creative and innovative, to take risk, to go out and compete, to build a competitive product, service and business are continuously disappearing. Everyone is now ready to hire lobbyists and get some free tax payers money. Washington is thriving while rest of the country is suffering. How is this any different from the kings and lords of the past? Just like a kingdom, power and wealth is being increasingly concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. Big corporations and big party politicians are our new lords while we are being reduced to commies. Country is clearly being divided into two major classes.
All this being made possible by corruption and cronyism in ever growing big government. A government big enough to give you everything, is powerful enough to take away everything. Problem is that just like any other Socialist society, we are not getting everything, even at this very high cost to our personal liberties. All we are getting is bad economy, jobless recovery, falling standards of living, increasing cost of living, inflation and broken promises, just made to fool and trick us into a very tyrannical system. This is the historical fact: Government has never been successfully able to run a good and thriving economy. Ever, in human history.
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