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Gary Johnson For President 2012, Part 13

It is so unbelievable that in America, which came into existence on the basis of every persons inalienable rights on life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, and where the government was always supposed to be minimal and smallest possible, it seems to be taking control on every aspect of our lives. Our ancestor seriously challenged the dominated, conventional wisdom that government was supposed to take care of everyone and should provide everything. Our philosophy was that government comes from people, not that people come from government. That is why there is absolutely no way that government could ever be able to take care of everyone and every thing. Rather then that people take the best care of themselves. In order for the people to able to take best care of themselves, government must stay out of their business, as much as possible. In America, government was meant to take care just few things like treasury, defense, foreign policy and dispute resolutions or justice. Even this was supposed to be within strict constitutional limits.

This is why we adopted Capitalism and free market system in our economy and finance, and Democracy in our political system. The hallmark of both of these systems are people, not government. In Capitalism, markets are freely run by people, without any interference from government, and Democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. Our system was unique in the world and within two hundred years it created the largest and richest economy, ever, in human history. Unfortunately, the enormous amount of wealth ( about a quarter of whole world’s) generated in United States, became a center of greed and attraction for elite of the world, big corporations and lobbies. This wealth, which was basically generated by the people of a free society, by their unrestricted ingenuity, creativity, innovations, hard work and freedom, became a target of conspiracies. Different confusing theories were floated around by corporate media and political pimps. Worst of those, which, unfortunately, many Americans fell for, was that we need a big and strong government, which may assure the proper and justified distribution of this wealth; and which may bring the rest of world to their knees; and forcefully make them adopt our way of life, because, all the other ways of life are wrong, barbarian, inhuman, ridiculous and out dated. If you track down the turning points in our history, the acceptance of these two theories, re-distribution of wealth by government and world domination, were the end of our superiority, and started a downward spiral, which, I believe, will not end, unless we give up these ridiculous ideas, that have failed, time and again, in human history, and embrace again the golden principles, our great nation and country was founded on.

In the history of great nations, this not happening, for the first time. Greeks, Romans, Islamic empire, Chinese Empire, Indian Moguls, all reached the pinnacle of glory and wealth and then fell down to the Earth, because, status quo started denying all the rights for common folks. Massive suppression, injustice, high taxes, unlimited powers for government and elite, and wars, in the quest for global domination of their ideology and religion, were the common reasons for downfall of all those great civilizations, in human history. Isn’t it that government should take care of everything, was the basic idea in recently failed ideologies like Socialism, Communism, Fascism and Nazism? All the failed religious systems had the same idea. Government represents the will of God, That is why everyone must fully submit to the government. God and His representative government would take care of every thing.

As a nation and as a country, we gave this idea a 180 degree and said government just represents people, not God or well-being of people or anything else. It is paid for by tax payer dollars and it must always remain subjective to the people, it is elected by, and the people paying taxes to it. People have certain inalienable rights, which government should and must not take away. People should always be let completely free, to compete on an open and plain field. This is what led to the invention of airplanes, network of airports, space program; mass production of automotive vehicles; light bulb, electricity, and electricity producing and distributing systems; Railroad and railroad networks; mass communication systems like Internet, Television, radio, movies, newspapers, etc.

We would have never been able to change the world, the way we did, if it was for governments. Free markets and open competition made all that possible. When governments get too big, they create two basic effects, limit the competition and curb the civil liberties. Both are against our basic ideology and principles. We want to keep the competition, totally free, and we want to guarantee the people’s inalienable rights.

The way governments limit competition is by regulations and licensing. Regulations and licensing makes it harder for smaller businesses and investors to compete and even enter into the competition. Take the example of health insurance companies. Under the influence of rich and powerful insurance company lobbies, governments are discouraging across the states competition between insurance companies. This limits the competition in industry, and monopolies and oligopolies do whatever they want. If governments allow across the states competition the cost will fall, drastically, and insurance companies will provide a better service and care. So, again, government regulations mess up an industry and then blame it on private companies.
Take the example of communication services and broadband. Governments auction the rights to airwaves and provide very limited and expensive licensing to bidders. This effectively keeps out the small businesses and investors out of the business and guarantees the monopolies for big corporations, in their respective markets. Broadband licensing is also very limited, expensive and complicated. You usually need a strong political influence or lobby to win any of these licenses. Cities and counties, generally, allow only one company to provide cable services in any given area. This also limits the competition and keeps prices high.
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