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Gary Johnson For President 2012, Part 11

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There is a lot of outcry, surprisingly, in the circles of younger people, about a wide spread apathy, in United States. Many are trying to figure out, why? In a country, that was always considered, highly enlightened, and where people were always known to stand up for truth, and for the right thing, to do, it is truly unbelievable. There are many reasons for it. The first and foremost is the ever growing government, and us allowing them, to take away any right or civil liberty they want. Why, I am saying that. The reason for me saying this is that government, under the influence of rich and powerful corporate lobbies, is grossly misusing it’s power and authority and our tax dollars. But, it is a hard thing to do in a country like America. So, they close the holes and the outlets of information, keeping us in dark. Remember, Barack Obama was all for changing the way business is done in Washington, drastically cutting the influence of lobbies in our capitol, ending the corruption, making government more transparent, bringing everything to the Internet, so that people can access the information, anytime and decide, for themselves. They would be able to comment, forward their petitions, disseminate the information, quickly and easily, convince and organize the people, in favor of their opinions and get the wrong doings corrected. Guess what, almost none of that happened. As a matter of fact, things have gotten, far worse. Just last year, U.S. government classified, 16 million documents. You know what it means to you? It means that we the tax payers, the voters and U.S. citizens would never know even a single bit of, what is in those document? What they are about? The role of government in those documents? and how those government decisions and actions effect us? 16 million documents in one year? Too much for all that crepe about transparency and corruption?

If you have ever done anything wrong, not allowed, unethical, morally disgraceful, illegal, even as a child, what was your first instinct? Of course, every one would agree, your first thought was that no one must ever know about it. So, you immediately got busy in totally hiding it from everyone. Same is true for governments, only at a much larger scale and in a much more dangerous way, specially when it comes to the largest, richest, most powerful, most resourceful and most influential government, like ours. You know what is the worst about it. All of this is being done in the name of national security. So that no one could talk about it. No objections can be raised. No questions asked. It cannot be labeled wrong, and corrupt practices can easily be hidden behind safety and security arguments. This makes me sick. I feel like throwing up. I can’t believe that this is happening in our America. The land of free and brave. Nation that always used to upheld the law.

Of course, the corporate media is totally silent about it. The ones who are supposed to keep us informed, well informed, I should say, are keeping us in complete dark. I bet, most of you, who rely on big media for news and information don’t even have a clue about it. Unbelievable, sad, and worrisome. And you know what happens when someone leaks those so called classified documents and lets us know about the affairs that are run with our tax money, the government, which we elected and which is supposed to be of the people, for the people and by the people, and informs us of the things public, about which we have a constitutional right to know? Remember, Julian Assange of Wikileaks? Government wants to try him in United States for spying and other stuff, because he made those secretive documents public. Do you think Water Gate was spying? Information leaked in Iran-contra scandal was treason? Reporters involved in those scandals, actually did let us know about some of the critically important wrong doings that the government was doing. Can you believe, how much the world and our country has changed in this small period of time? Even a president like Nixon, did not have courage to call those reporters, traitors or spies? They actually accepted their right to inform people and our right to know. But, now, Assange has to run away from “America” and get asylum in a South American country. What a shame. People and journalists used to run away from Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Iran and Cuba to take refuge in United States, for telling the truth and informing people. Don’t we are, now, filling the gap, produced by the downfall of Soviet Union and other Communist countries?

With so much and intense secrecy going on, and majority of Americans, unfortunately, silent about it, the outburst of corruption us bound to happen. As soon as you want to know about these secret documents, it becomes a national security issue and corporate pimps in media and politics, immediately jump on you, labeling you as not patriotic. Let me tell you this, what is patriotic. Standing up for your constitutional rights and the rights of your fellow Americans, is patriotic. Isn’t it that this used to be standard and criterion, for being a true American. Unfortunately, the big media and politicians, trick you into the thinking that trusting big government and every thing it does is patriotic. For their kind information, this is not how patriotism is defined. Patriotism means loving your country, your nation and it’s interest. You trust the government and remain loyal to it, as long as it follows the constitution, rule of law and protects the interests of citizens, voters and tax payers, not the multi-national corporations.

Secrecy and restrictions on information are always the first steps toward tyranny. That is what tyrants always do. They surround themselves with a class of elite and special interest and make all the decisions behind the close doors, keeping people in complete dark. If we want to safeguard our constitution, our Democracy, our civil liberties and rights, our country and our nation, as we know it, then, we must break out this silence, right now.

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