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Chained CPI, Entitlements, Budget Deficits, Reforms

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Both, so called major political parties, are bickering, again, on deficits and debt problem. Have you realized why this problem never gets resolved? The reason is that the Democrats cannot give up on spending our asses off on entitlements and republicans would not give up on useless spending on wars on drugs, prostitution, gay marriages and interference in other countries affairs. In the end, they conclude that you scratch my back and I scratch yours. Both of them agree to keep each otherโ€™s favorite expenses and life goes on.

Unfortunately, this country and this nations cannot go on like this, forever. Every second, we are getting closer to the terrible end of this fiasco. Crises have happened before, too, due to the bad policies of these political parties. What happens is that the political pundits in big media and the supporters for both parties in public, start blaming each other. Media trumpets these debates and confuses people as much as possible. The usual conclusion after all that confusion is that nobody knows what happened. Both parties keep their position and we are back to the same cycle.

Ladies and gentlemen, my news to you is that these problems are not going anywhere. As a matter of fact these will keep getting worse and worse, unless, we stop depending on big media for our information needs and decision to vote. These two political parties are now so corrupt and sold out to the financiers of their billion dollar campaigns that they can’t even dare to think about us, an average middle class American. They do not work for our interests, anymore. They, of course, work for their financiers, only. All they care about is the fund raising for next election campaign and an interview on TV. That’s all.
Is anyone from big media or the major political parties, is telling you about the true gravity of this issue and how far off are the proposals, from reality, being presented by both parties? Each party’s proposal shows that the unfavorable aspects of problem, do not even exist. Closing eyes from reality has not ever worked so far and it will not work in future. All the luxuries of spending, adopted by both of these parties, while in power, during the times of booming American economy, booms not created by government, but, by hard working people, and competitive and creative businesses, are no longer affordable. Many of the measures, absolutely necessary to tackle this problem, properly, may seem outrageous and inhuman to certain people, but, we need to understand the most important fact, affordability. If we do not adopt our spending, in accordance with our affordability, then, soon there will be nothing left, even what is affordable, right now.

It is incredible, how many people still think that we are too big to fail. That is what Greece, Italy and Spain thought. They were far bigger and richer than most developing and poor countries. They thought they could never fail. Money would just keep flowing in and keep funding their entitlement programs. Same was thought in Soviet Union. Who thought even in fifties and sixties that Soviet Union would break down so quick, mainly due to the financial issues? Although many free markets people were predicting that for a while, but, liberals and progressives never believed it and did not allow many others to believe that, too.

But the reality is that Math never fail. Unless your spending is equal to or less then the income, you cannot survive. It is true for all individuals, households, businesses and governments. People who still believe that government are different and above and beyond the rules of Mathematics, must wake up. Mathematics’ realities never fail. Bigger you are, longer you may take to fail. But, the failure of bigger ones is, also, far more disastrous. Especially if you are the biggest economy in history of humanity. No one, and I repeat, no one is big enough to help us when we fail, even if they want to. Our failure will be epic like Romans or Greeks or Islamic empire. It will crush us and so many others along with ourselves.

I believe, we still have time to change the course. For that purpose, first of all, we must stop closing our eyes from reality, based on our ideologies, political affiliations and other factors. We all must get eye to eye with reality and then change the course to right direction. We, all, must embrace certain undeniable facts of life. For example, no one, including us, has ever been able to and will never be able to rule the whole world or police the whole world. No one can fight with nature. No one can control the minds and dictate way of living to others. These are the major defects in our policies which, beside other pains, are costing us so much money that we do not have anymore.

I understand, and agree that it is really good to help poor and needy. But, it is also a fact, not a theory any more, after the incredible failures which socialist and communist countries faced that doing this through government is not a good idea. You know the best way to help people? It is to free them. Free from economic and financial dependence. Help them learn, prosper and grow. Creating a world where no one needs help anymore. Everyone is self-sufficient and independent.
We can do that only by breaking off the chains. Chains of government regulations and dependence on government, run and controlled by few wealthy. World experimented and found that this cannot be achieved by creating artificial equality. This can be done only by providing truly equal access and opportunities to everyone, and giving everyone exactly equal rights. For this we must give up innate biases, most of us grew up with, and based on race, culture, color, language, ethnicity and religion. We must start looking at each other as individuals, exactly like us and regarding and respecting each other like ourselves.

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