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LinkedIn is the world’s most popular professional network. With over 200 million members worldwide, it is definitely worth the effort to create a page that resonates with your audience. If you would like to learn how to create a company page on LinkedIn, check out our past blog entry on the subject.

There are several company pages that create valuable content. However, there are certain business who entertain and engage with their content on a level far above their peers. We’ve collected these select companies so that other business owners can view them as credible examples to learn from.

Now, without further ado, we introduce you to some very successful LinkedIn company pages:

360i – 360i uses its talented copywriters to create informative blog posts on social media. Their articles educate the reader on different media terms and practices, as well as recent events and content strategy.

Adobe – As we all know, Adobe has a massive suite of products and software. The information they release is imperative to the knowledge of any business, which is why they create learned articles on a variety of specific software subjects. Great stuff here.

Amazon – Amazon’s popular page offers company announcements, as well as new product deals and news. All things considered, this is Amazon, so it has a lot of varied topics. Follow their example and test if it fits!

American Airlines – Just in time for the holiday’s, this page posts great photos, in addition to great blog posts and excellent promotional deals. This really builds the sense of online community.

CNBC – CNBC is a great news channel, and even better LinkedIn participant! They’ve successfully converted their live news updates to a form viable for LinkedIn. Not much to glean from here, but a successful page nonetheless.

Electronic Arts –  Industry events and big announcements are this video game giants specialty. Trust Electronic Arts to grant you the latest offerings on event highlights, product and software news, and more.

Facebook – Curious above Facebook’s new features? The company has put their page to good use as a software update information platform. If you happened to miss what was going on with Facebook lately, pop over to their page to learn more. Another great example for software small businesses.

Google – What more can you ask for from a company with a stylish header photo? More seriously, Google lets its quality work shine through on its company page. The company page showcases different events and provides immersive photos with many of its updates.

Groupon – Tech news, intern blog posts, and funny work photos color the palette of this top-notch page. Not only that, but Groupon page managers also respond to comments left anywhere on its stream. We’d say that is engagement at its best!

Hirevue – Named one of LinkedIn’s top pages of 2012, Hirevue retains its stop spot by continuing to upload stellar content for those in the job market. Publishing great status updates on the company’s internal goings-on helps too.

HootSuite – HootSuite is a great social sharer, and that comes through in its page. Exploring the page grants access to software walkthroughs, tips for social media, and great company news.

LivingSocial – Seeking a hub for the best workplace and job market news on the web? LivingSocial has made their page an authority in this space by posting the best news from different sites under the topic. Follow them to keep updated!

Lululemon Athletica – This company cross-promotes different social media outlets, like Twitter and Youtube in order to diversify their audience. Additionally, Lululemon Athletica posts videos and Facebook events to cultivate engagement.

Microsoft – This company page displays products and shows benefits of its prestigious products. The administrators of the Microsoft company page consistently offer help to users in need of assistance. Be on the lookout for the great graphics accompanying several event highlights!

Optimizely – Optimizely drops powerful free knowledge in several of its updates. Their specialty is A/B testing so rest assured, you will learn a lot about that by browsing their company stream.

Sprout Social – Social CRM is the name of the game for Sprout Social and the content and data they share supporting their product is astounding. Prepare to get educated on why your business needs social and how it can greatly benefit your business practices.

Square – The Square page makes it clear that innovation should come before all else. It is very clear the company seeks to tell a story of forward momentum and Ecommerce evolution. Visit their page as soon as possible to see what we mean.

Uber – This company is on the rise right now, so its company page is filled with exciting news and innovations! Uber provides high quality stories and clean videos to put the reader in the “Uber” experience.

Yahoo! – What you’ll find here are employee highlights and blog posts from the information powerhouse. Yahoo’s company page is similarly diverse like the other giants, contributing a colossal portion of digestible copy for visitors to absorb. This is definitely an exciting page to behold.

Yelp – Yelp’s page shares media on the mobile market’s astonishing growth and the company’s continued involvement in the space. This just goes to show that sharing interesting news can lead to a massive follower count. Good work, guys!

What do you think of these successful LinkedIn company pages? If you have some really excellent ones in mind, don’t hesitate to let us know!

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