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Watch Mumford & Sons Live on Letterman Concert – Originals

Mumford & Sons have just released one of the most anticipated albums of the year, Babel. Now we’ve got your first chance to see some of the tracks off the new album live, right here with Mumford & Sons’ Live on Letterman streaming concert.

Mumford treated fans at a packed Ed Sullivan Theater to a mix of their proven hits, and the new songs everyone anticipated so wildly. As you stream the concert, we’ll take a look at the build up, excitement, and reception of Babel on

Leading up to the album’s release, fans were already digging into some of the new tracks as they were released, and with the albums release, we saw some new songs quickly becoming fan favorites. If you look at Mumford’s top 10 tracks over the past week, you’ll see, mixed in with the standard favorites, four songs off Babel: “I Will Wait,” “Babel,” “Whispers in the Dark,” and “Holland Road.”

Considering the massive popularity top tracks “The Cave” and “Little Lion Man” have maintained since their release, it bodes well for the new material to be right in the mix, immediately. In fact, “I Will Wait” is only nine Scrobbles behind “Little Lion Man,” which is already in the books as a huge hit.

With the release of Babel fans didn’t wait long to take to Mumford & Sons Shoutbox and let their love be known:

With this much enthusiasm and anticipation for the new album, it’s no surprise to see the band’s listens spike around Babel. Even more impressive is to see how consistent the guys held their Scrobbles in the months leading up, which just proves how well their material ages, and that means this may not be a mere spike we’re seeing on their listening trend, but rather a new level of success Mumford & Sons are approaching.

Keep in mind these numbers are all very early on the tales of Babel’s release. Next week, and beyond, we’re sure to see these numbers reach even higher. So, be sure to keep an eye on our charts, as Mumford & Sons will certainly be climbing them, as more and more fans dig into the album and watch Mumford & Sons Live on Letterman, presented by AT&T.

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