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Watch Alicia Keys Stream Live on Letterman Concert – Originals

Watch Alicia Keys play a streaming Live on Letterman concert right here.

Tuesday night, Alicia Keys set The Ed Sullivan Theater stage “on fire” with a breath-taking and soul-baring performance that brought the 2012 season of Live on Letterman to a fittingly triumphant conclusion.

Expectations were high before Keys even stepped on stage and sat behind her candelabra adorned piano, but it didn’t take long for her to exceed even the highest of hopes.

Alicia opened the show with the appropriately titled, “New Day,” and from the moment she walked through the theater doors, the audience was pulled into the powerful performance. She told the crowd she was honored to spend the holidays with them, but it was “a new day,” and she invited them all to sing and dance however they liked.

As “New Day” drew to a close, Alicia Keys declared, “I want to have some fun with you guys tonight, and it’s just limitedless,” and with that, Keys launched into a reggae-tinged mashup of her new track “Limitedless” and “You Don’t Know My Name” from The Diary of Alicia Keys.

Keys brought out her signature vocal hooks on “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart,” before giving the crowd a taste of more new material off Girl on Fire. The legend in the making even became self-aware and stopped to ponder the history of the Ed Sullivan Theater, telling the crowd she was honored to play there, among the big names like, “Tina Turner, The Supremes, Diana Ross, Ella Fitzgerald,” she continued, “the history, the her-story, the we-story is all up in here, not to mention the Beatles and Elvis and stuff,” she joked.

However, there was one question on the New York crowd’s mind, “would she play it? ‘Empire State of Mind?’” Yes, yes she would. The modern day anthem grew even stronger as the hometown girl closed out 2012 in one of the city’s most historic venues.

From there, the excitement and power of the show only grew, as Keys belted out “No One” like her soul depended on it, and she cemented “Brand New Me” and “Girl on Fire” as new Alicia Keys classics. It was a show for the ages, and the only way to close out such an outstanding year of Live on Letterman performances.

You can watch Alicia Keys Live on Letterman on-demand, presented by AT&T.

Alicia is out in support of her latest album Girl on Fire, which is really taking off on

When we look at her listening trend graph, we see exactly what an artist hopes for with a new album.

In the months before Girl on Fire was released, Keys started to see an uptick, from fans listening to her old material in anticipation, and some activity around early singles. Then, as the album was released, Alicia’s Scrobbles took a massive turn upward.

If we dig deeper into Alicia’s current Top Tracks, we can see even more proof her fans are loving the new album.

All 10 of Keys’ top 10 tracks are off Girl on Fire. That’s really impressive considering the heavy back catalog of hits she has.


It’s been a while, I’m not who I was before

You look surprised, your words don’t burn me anymore

Been meanin’ to tell ya, but I guess it’s clear to see

Don’t be mad, it’s just a brand new kind of me

Can’t be bad, I found a brand new kind of free

Get the rest on MetroLyrics »

If you want to hear these tracks and some classics live, watch Alicia Keys Live on Letterman presented by AT&T.

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