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Voting For Third Party? Good? Bad?

The whole question of third party candidates destroying the major party candidate closest to their ideals, is redundant and ridiculous. This would have been a very strong and valid argument, if the major political party candidates were doing a good job. I believe, destroying a bad candidate, who represents a totally corrupt party is rather a good thing. Objectively speaking, in the long run, it makes absolutely zero difference which major party candidate wins, with or without third party candidates running. In the end, both parties work for similar lobbies and corporations, and continue and strengthen the same crony Capitalism. This is a trap laid by sold out politicians and corporate media to guarantee the continuation of two party duopoly on our political system. Remember the third party candidates will not win, until we start voting for them. So, the goal of these major party politicians and big media, owned by big corporations, is to not let us do that, by hook or by crook? As the elections get closer, media starts telling the voters that race is so tight, if you vote for third party, the other party will win. What a crepe? If you love this country, and understand the desperate need for a real change, please, do not fall for this. Vote third party, vote Libertarian. End of story. This is the only way a change is possible.

This does not mean that system does not need any change or overhaul. Over the years, decades and centuries, both parties have built a system which guarantees their control over the whole political system. Things like nationally televised debates between two party candidates, only, is one of those. Most of our voters are lazy, ill-informed and depend too much on TV for news and information. The result of this bias in TV reporting is that most people do not even know that third parties do exist.

Beside the highly negative, corporate sponsored ads, TV debates are the only way most Americans learn about candidates. When third party candidates are not allowed in these debates, the point of view and agenda of third party candidates never gets across, and most people are never able to learn anything about them. Beside this, they never get a chance to prove, on national level that their agenda is more powerful than the major party candidates. We must do our best to abolish the so called Presidential Debates Commission, so that every candidate could be a part of the conversation, and voters get to know and learn the real choices.

All the legislation and laws, on state level, restricting the participation of third party candidates, must be protested and contested by every country loving voter. These laws are actually a serious violation of anti-trust laws. I believe these can be challenged and declared unconstitutional in this way. After all, these are designed to defend and protect the two party duopoly in this country. Right to organize and petition are basic constitutional rights, and must not be restricted in any way.

We must also start boycotting major TV channels and other media outlets, if they do not provide appropriate coverage to third party candidates. Consumer power is a great power, and if used effectively, in an organized way, can cause a serious decline in the ratings of major media outlets, hurting their advertising revenue, ultimately forcing them to change their policies regarding third party candidates. Specific Shows, news segments and others who totally neglect the third party candidates can be targeted. Business owners, managers and marketers can withdraw their ads from the media, not covering third party candidates.

People need to start funding third party campaigns, too. Money is the major reason, why third party candidates cannot compete with major party candidates. Major party campaigns are now effectively and literally hitting billions. Even if a third party candidate has raised few hundred thousand dollars, it is just a drop in bucket. Considering the cost of TV ads, and the cost of other media outlets, absolutely essential to reach voters, they deserve more generous contributions from us. We can also encourage and convince our relatives, friends, co-workers, neighbors and social media contacts to donate. We can also sell merchandise and other stuff to raise money.

Social media has handover a great power to all of us. We can literally turn our social media accounts into free campaigns for our favorite third party candidate. On our social media accounts we can post, chat, publish campaign material, invitations, photos and videos. The powerful media that can be very powerfully used for this purpose is YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, Pandora,, and Netvibes. Everyone is most welcome to use ExcitingAds! Blog, too, for this matter. You can heat up our cyber space as much as you want with your discussions, comments and posts.
Major political parties have lot more than enough support from rich and powerful corporations and lobbies. They do not need tax payers’ money. Unfortunately, in addition to the enormous amount of money and support they get from big corporations and lobbies, they get a big chunk out of tax payers’ money, too, while far less resourceful third parties have little or no access to this money. First thing that we can do is to stop donating money for political parties through our tax returns. We must also start demanding that a far greater proportion of tax money should be granted to smaller parties, with less money.
Third parties do not have lots of money to hire expensive individuals and experts for their campaigns. Any help in terms of volunteer work can be of immense help. Writers, speakers, advertisers, marketers, managers, workers, all could be great assets for any third party campaign. Step up to the plate and ask what you can do to defeat extremely corrupt major political parties. Provide free space on your websites and blogs. Publish articles. Do investigative work to expose the corruption and wrong doing of major political parties and their candidates. Remember, you are the change, and you can play a pivotal role in this seemingly very difficult task.
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