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U.S. constitution is the harbinger of every adult citizen’s right to vote, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, age and language they speak. Democracy is defined as “The government of the people, by the people, for the people. Democracy, is the most basic component of our ideological basis, for which we have been spending trillions of dollars, attacking other countries. The basic idea in Democracy is one person, one vote, so that the every citizen of the country, equally participates in deciding, who runs the government and then in turn, those elected representatives of public and voters, decide, how to run the country. That is why constitution has no requirements for voting rights, except that the person should be at least 18 years of age and should be American citizen.
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Unfortunately we have two party duopoly on our political system. The reason for this is that the big money, power and influence, with conflicting interest, has aligned itself along with these two parties. In this richest country in the world, as a result, both the parties end up with such a huge amounts of money and influence over corporate owned media that it becomes virtually impossible for any other individual or group to compete with them. As usually happens, in these kind of limited choice scenarios, the voters of two parties are divided into two major demographic units. Since, one party has the image of defending big, rich and powerful, multi-national corporations and individuals, Pro-business, conservative, religious, financially well-off, majority voters are usually aligned with it. The perception about other party, true or false, and media created, is that this party stands for middle class and poor people. That is why, this party has the most support from minorities, middle class and poor, elderly, people with no heath insurance and disabled. Sadly, due to this clear divide between the voters of two major parties, it is very easy to target and penalize the voters of other party. Although, Democrats have a serious strategic disadvantage, in this case. Since a very large proportion of Republican party supporters is well-off, powerful and resourceful, it is practically impossible to snatch away any rights from them. On the other hand, many of the democratic supporters, due to their lack of resourcefulness, are prone to this type of targeting and discrimination.
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Hence, Republicans are lot more successful in denying the rights of Democratic supporters. Politics, specially in America, is a war, a fierce competition. Both parties are there to win the elections, at all levels, Federal, state, county and city. We all know that they would do, and they actually do everything possible to win. But, do we have any ethical standards on how far they can and should go? Are there any constitutional and legal limits? Are there any requirements of patriotism and love for fellow Americans? Are we supposed to respect the people who gave their lives, fought and sacrificed, in past and in present to uphold the Democracy and rights of people? Should a respect and love for all the fellow Americans, their rights and their opinions, be the major requirements for our civilized behavior, as an American and as a flag bearer of Democracy, in whole world?
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These are the basic ethical, constitutional, legal, patriotic civilized behavior requirements, we all must consider, and questions we all must ask, before shaping any opinion of our own; before talking about this; before acting on these issues; before throwing our support for anyone; before spending our money on these issues. A child must pass the tests and exams. But, can we allow him to cheat for that reason? In and sports competition, even as fierce as Super bowl, World Cup Soccer Final or Wimbledon finals, can we allow, players to do fouls, fight and cheat? Of course we can’t. Why? Because, whether, these are educational tests and exams or sports competitions or any other competitions, their viability, legality and authenticity, solely depends upon, fairness and plain, leveled field for all the participants.

Although, some may not agree with it, but, aren’t we all the participants of this test and game called United States of America? Isn’t the survival and well-being of all Americans is dependent on the survival, integrity and well-being of this greatest country on the face of Earth? Don’t just us, but, billions of people and human beings, around the world, depend on our success, survival and how do we do? We all in this together. If destroy the bases of this country, which make us the greatest and the role model for others, then all of us go down together. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly common, on both sides, to over through and disregard the constitution. This is a very dangerous trend, which, only us, the voters, can stop. Because, government and political parties, thrives on our votes; corporate media runs on consumers like you and me; Big corporations and banks make profits out of the money we spend.
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Truth is that this country is not great because we have big, rich and powerful government or because we have big, rich and powerful political parties or because we have big, rich and powerful media or because we have big, rich and powerful banks and corporations. This country is great because we have very hard working, smart, intelligent, creative and innovative citizens. If someone tells you otherwise, trust me, he or she is wrong, incorrect and misguided, intentionally or unintentionally. It was Einstein, Newton, Edison, Wright brothers and Henry Ford, who made the greatest inventions and innovations, resulting into the products, services, companies and businesses that outclassed every other competition in the world, not the otherwise.
Fortunately, this is not new. We have been there, before, many times, when some sneaky people and traitors decided and tried to through away our constitution and destroy the very basics of our society. American people have always united against these people and survived and persevered and came out as successful in preserving our basic principle of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for all.
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