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Voting For Third Party? Libertarian? Good?

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We believe in Capitalism. It means free markets and open competition. Free, unregulated markets keep the entry and competition open. Open competition, in turn, forces producers, providers, suppliers and sellers to provide best value to the consumers. This basic principle applies to every aspect of our lives, including politics. The reason, why our political system is getting more and more corrupt, and delivering least of the value to consumers, that is, voters and citizens, is because there is almost no competition, in the presence of two party duopoly on political system. Even between the two major political parties, there is no major difference left. Both are supported and funded by, corporate owned big media and corporate lobbies.

People on the other side of isle provide different reasons, why should we not vote third party. The biggest and most widely publicized of those is the spoiler effect. Spoiler effect means that the third party candidate is more likely to snatch votes from the person with similar ideology, so makes it better for the person with different ideology. This view is widely accepted by big media pundits, and a very significant proportion of population, even though it is totally fed up of two major parties. This is because they scared by this fear mongering from major political parties, and their partner in crime, corporate media. These people still keep voting for major political parties, in spite of their dissatisfaction from those.

This is as far away from logic and reason, as it could be. First of all, this argument is based on a black and white world. My friends, this is not a black and white world, especially for a Capitalist who strongly believes in choice. The world does not end at Republican and Democratic parties. There is a lot in between and beyond these parties. People voting for third party are voting for the third choice. They are not the runaways from any of the, so called, major political parties. Spoiler effect like saying that we must not support the start-ups because it is going to hurt monopolist.

Even if any of the major parties loses votes to a third party candidate, they must blame themselves. They had over hundred and fifty years of duopoly to prove themselves. But, they failed to do so. Instead of that they totally dumped their voters, cheated them, and left them hanging in cold water. Now, if a new power rises, and voters believe that it is better than the existing ones, the third party cannot be blamed for that.

This argument, also, assumes that existing parties are doing a very good job, and losing one of them would be a great loss. I would say, if someone destroys, any of their candidates, he or she should be considered a hero. This is not a loss, it is precious gain. Major parties are losing because they suck. If we are voting third party, it is not our fault. We are just exercising our rights. After all, what they have done in last 150 years of duopoly? Racked up the national debt, increased budget deficits, waged one war after the war, taken away our freedoms, increased the size and authority of government to extreme levels, and promoted and established corporate cronyism.

Under the rule of these major political parties, United States of America is turning into a just another country in the world. We are no longer the land of opportunities, and the land of free and brave. Strict government controls and corporate cronyism is limiting the competition and freedoms, in every possible way. It is getting harder and harder to start a business, and survive, in the presence of monopolies and oligopolies, supported and strengthened by government regulations. Both parties collect billions of dollars from corporate lobbies, for their election campaigns, and then go on to support their bosses on Wall Street.

Contrary to republican notion, no one, including us, has never been able to, and will never be able to police the whole world. The world is just too big, too diverse, and it is far too expensive to do so, even for richest economy in the world. Strong defense does not mean strong offense. It does not mean that we have to have a military presence everywhere in the world and we have stick our leg into everyone else’s business.
Wars cost lots of money, loss of life, cause psychological trauma to everyone, including kids, result in destruction of property, and loss of business and trust. They cause animosity and hatred, and create even more enemies. So, they create a perpetual cycles of wars resulting into more enemies and more enemies resulting into more wars. As our own, and all the other history shows, it is a never ending process like a rat trying to climb a revolving circle. We are trapped like a rat. We must break this cycle. Otherwise, our fate will not be different from other imperial powers in human history.
Contrary to Democratic Partyโ€™s notion, as sweet as it may sound, it is impossible for government and welfare to take care of everyone. This experiment has seriously failed, in many socialist and communist countries, during recent past. The best way to take care of poor and needy is not by making them chronically dependent, it is by making them truly free. Ending corporate cronyism, building a level plain field for every citizen, providing every one exactly equal opportunities to grow, flourish and compete, is the real and proven way to help poor and needy. This is how our forefathers built the world’s largest and richest economy, in just about two hundred years.
Our only way out of this path to disaster, is building, supporting, working, funding, writing and convincing in favor of a new voice, working for freedom and free markets. Thinking that Republican Party or democratic party can be reformed and / or taken over, to make them work truly in individual and national interest, instead of self and corporate servicing, is simply self-deception. When your car is relatively new, repairs can make it running. But, finally it reaches a stage, where you just have to dump it and get a new one. These parties have reached the stage, where they must be dumped and replaced by new and better ones.
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