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We keep hearing, reading and watching, on big media, the huge hype about Obama’s vision for America, for last six years, at least. Of course, Obama has vision for America. It is to mess it up to the worst. Under his administration, government keeps picking up winners and losers, like socialism leaning Europe, and continue to hurt the markets, even more. If you are one of those millions of Americans who wasted their time to watch his State of Union, then you should have realized, the agenda is increasingly about making government bigger, keep spending and borrowing, tighten up government controls on virtually every thing and limit the freedom of individuals and businesses, as much as possible. His whole notion is based on assumption that all the genius is accumulated in Washington, hence it should be able to tell everyone else, what to do and what not to do? While, we all know that Washington is just a bunch of corporate crooks and the agents of corporate lobbies, Obama being the biggest of them, all.

Like his other leftist counter parts, Obama is the master of twisting and turning the facts, playing with words, and human psychology and mind. I have to accept, he is an evil genius. For example, he tried to nullify the whole effort and push from Libertarians and right wing for reduction in budget deficits and national debt, by saying, it is not all about cutting deficits. Accepted. But, it not all about, not, cutting the deficits and debt, rather keep increasing those, either. Don’t you think? In this way, he appeals to the people, who are worried about deep cuts in spending and closes their minds and ears, to the other side of argument, by suggesting that we do not have the ability to grasp whole picture, and we are too focused on debt and deficits. Mr. president, our annual budget deficit is now surpassing 1.4 trillion dollars and our total debt is well over 16 trillion dollars. If you take into account all the current social and economic liabilities of U.S. government, we are way beyond bankruptcy, already.

Keeping in view the global crisis and recent bankruptcy of many European economies, this problem cannot be stressed enough. Without any doubt we are heading on, to the same path, with increasingly faster pace. It is not a political hype, it is the reality of day. President still thinks that it is a useless political talk.

Obama, continuously gives the impression that he is enforcing all these, so called short term, spending and big government policies, for long term good of American people and world, as a whole. He also suggests that the people for smaller government, less spending, less intervention, free markets and economic and financial freedom are, somehow, short sighted, lake intelligence and sincerity, are all for the big guys and have ulterior motives. Mr. president, you raised over a billion dollars in your last presidential election campaign, obviously, from big guys. How it makes us the people of big guys? We are not stupid and we are the ones who are looking ahead to the long term consequences.

If we go bankrupt, it will not be good for middle class, or any class. In a crisis like Greece or Ireland, how you are going to pay for all this debt and entitlements? How you are going to preserve the long term credibility and credit rating of United States of America? Who is going to hurt the most with austerity measures resulting from financial crisis, insolvency of government and most of it’s entitlement programs. So, you are the one, who is short sighted, not us. You are the one, who is stupid. You are the one who has absolutely no clue about long term consequences. You are the one who has ulterior motives, regarding your corporate bosses, who financed your campaign. You are the agent of big guys, who doesn’t care about us, at all, and works only for big guys.
We have a very basic conflict with Obama and his gang. They thinks that big and powerful government, sticking it’s leg into everything and everyone’s business, and exceedingly limited freedom of individuals and businesses, is the answer. We believe that government is a very abstract idea. It is not a tangible thing. It is s bunch of rich, powerful, famous, well connected and tactful people, who love authority, fame and money. Bigger and more powerful government is just more power and authority, in the hands of few, as opposed to all, the way it should be in a real Democracy. When this bunch of people gets bigger and more powerful, it always abuses it’s authority which shows in the form of corruption, authoritarianism, tyranny, abuse and accumulation of wealth in the hands of few, very obvious in contemporary United States, as it was, and is, very clear in other dictatorships and kingdoms of past and present.

This is the reason why we have a great balance of power in our constitution, between three branches of government, and freedom of press and speech. Obama hates that too. He is always mad that congress and other opposition are hurdles, in the fast lane of his reckless agenda. Mr. president, like it or not, this is the way it is, and this is the way it should be. I understand your hate for constitution, in spite of being a law graduate and former constitutional law professor, but, if our constitution did not have this great distribution and balance of power, idiots like you, would have destroyed this great and precious country, long time ago, as dictators like you did to other great civilizations of past, and present.
Although, we understand that democracy always works with compromise between different point of views, we cannot let you keep running over the dearest constitution principles, all the time. We will not let you strengthen the tyranny of corporatism, in this country. In sharp contrast with what you suggest, but, know in your heart that it is not true, we declare a war against corporatism. It is not good for corporations, businesses, people, nation and country.

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