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Universe: Creation or Incidental Occurrence


Now, when we have loads and loads of data and evidence in the favor of theory of evolution, provided by genetic and DNA research, the most sincere doubts that prevailed about it, in past, must go away. The proof in the favor of Theory of Evolution, also, successfully negates the Adam and Eve theory of our origin, proposed by major religions. On the contrary, no scientific theory, data or evidence, has ever been able to prove the absence of God. This includes the Big Bang theory. Big Bang theory actually proves the presence of God. This is because, as per this theory, the creation of this Universe was the result of a huge explosion, called as Big Bang. This is, The Theory, on which most of the contemporary argument about the absence of God is based. This is merely due to the misinterpretation of this theory. Since, there is some scientific evidence in the favor of Big Bang theory, now, we will analyze this theory to prove the existence or absence of God.
Big Bang theory states that a huge explosion or Big Bang occurred. First of all, a Big Bang or explosion cannot happen out of nothing. For it to happen, some matter and energy must already exist. Even if we assume that it happed out of nothing, it must be noticed that Nothingness is not an absolute term. It simply means absence of every thing. Nothingness, space or an empty container, whatever you want to call it, is itself an existence and even in accordance with Big Bang theory, it already existed. Since, Big Bang occurred afterwards, the only logical and reasonable explanation left for this existence of nothingness is creation. Because, there must be a creator for every creation, that original creator is God, Allah or Bhagwan, whatever you want to call Him. 

Invisible Universe was just a theory or fantasy in past. But, now the existence of invisible Universe is proven beyond doubt. This invisible Universe is actually very different and infinitely larger then the Universe we perceive through our senses and mind or brain. This is how you learn the existence of this unperceivable universe. We know that our eyes can see only a tiny proportion of the spectrum of light, known as visible spectrum, which lies between violet and red and makes sunlight. The infinite spectrum above and below this visible spectrum is not even visible to our eyes or it does not even exist for our normal perception of sight. Same is the case with hearing. The frequencies of sound that are audible to human ears have a very small range and an infinite number of sound frequencies above and below this range are not even audible to us or those do not even exist for our normal hearing. Even bats can hear better then us. Same is the case with smell. Our nose can smell only a tiny range of all smells that exist in this Universe. All the smells that lie above and below this tiny range, cannot be smelled by us or they don’t even exist for our normal sense of smell. Even dogs can smell better then us. Same is the case with taste. Our tongue can taste only a tiny proportion of all tastes available in this universe or other tastes do not even exist for our limited sense of taste. Same is the case with touch. We can touch and feel a very tiny proportion of all existence in this universe or every thing else does not even exist for our normal sense of touch. 

Since, the perception generated by brain solely depends on the input provided by these very limited senses, the over all portion of Universe perceived by our brains is only a tiny proportion of the whole Universe or actual reality. Therefore our perception of Universe and every thing in it, is very limited and is only a very tiny proportion of whole Universe or infinite reality around us. Now, since, we can perceive only a tiny proportion of whole Universe or infinite reality, there exists an infinite possibility of the existence of this original creator or God or Allah or Bhagwan in this infinite reality that we cannot even sense or perceive. Compare it with the tiniest possibility of God’s non-existence that we perceive through our extremely limited senses and the brain that depends on these very limited senses for the perception of this infinite reality and actually perceives only a tiny proportion of it. 

Lets just put it in another way. If we invent an intelligent and independent robot and that robot cannot realize the reality and fact that we are creators and owners of it, that does not prove our absence. It just proves the limitations of it’s perception. People have been fighting and arguing about Big Bang theory and the theory of evolution, just because of their faulty interpretations of these theories and the evidence in the favor of these theories. Although these theories and lots of genetic and DNA data and other scientific evidence successfully disapprove the Adam and Eve theory of our origin, proposed by major religions, these theories actually prove the existence of God. 

After all, it is impossible to logically explain the existence of a tiny needle without a creator or manufacturer. How can we explain the creation of this huge Universe without the existence of a creator. Just the observable part of it, that is the part of it which is visible from Earth with our current technology is estimated to be 46 billion light years. Then there is, God knows, how big the Universe that is not even visible with current technology. At the top of it, we have just established the limitations, of our sight, senses, perception and technology. Just imagine, how huge and different could be the actual Universe and whole reality that we can’t even perceive with our senses and brain. Current estimations are that there are possibly hundred billion galaxies in our Universe. The diameter of a typical galaxy is 30,000 light years and typical distance between two galaxies is three million light years. Then there are theories and mathematical evidence about multiple, numerous and parallel universe and even multiple numerous and parallel. time and space continuums. Beside all this, now, there is scientific evidence that Universe is still expanding. How can you explain all this without a creator, when you cannot explain the existence of small needle without a creator or manufacturer.

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