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Since the arbitrary end of cold war, U.S. power is basically unchallenged. We have been rapidly growing the scope and range of our influence and control, across the globe, ever since. Our invasions and interventions in many countries have mostly gone unchecked which would have been a cause of global outcry if done by anyone else. Simply because there is no country or international organization which can challenge us, we got away with all the possible retaliation which may have existed, otherwise. Here, at home, our government has been very successful in importing the tyrannical tactics, tested and experimented in invaded countries. As a whole, we have not shown much resistance and there have been no major political backfiring on things like mass surveillance and extra judicial assassinations of U.S. citizens, SWAT teams, militarization of police force, persecution of whistle blowers and targeting the Libertarians.

Federal government really feels like it owns everyone and everything, and it is not answerable to anyone nor is it bound by any constitutional and legal limits. Bureaucrats in Washington really believe that they can do whatever they want to achieve any goal they want. Under latest developments, confrontations and wars with small, under developed countries are now looking to be as the normal events of past.

By using Ukraine as an excuse, we are now heading towards a very dangerous and potentially nuclear conflict with second largest nuclear power in the world, Russia. Ukraine may or may not being victimized. Russia may or may not be at fault. Question is, why we are getting so fired up and risking the destruction of life on this planet for something that is happening thousands of miles away, in Russia’s backyard. Russia’s interest and even involvement in Ukraine is far more understandable than ours, as we may be very much interested and even involved, if something like that was happening in Mexico or Canada. Our ambition to police the whole world can, now, very much end up in having no life left on this planet.

Essentially, our government has now started to think the cold war premise, mutually assured destruction (MAD) is over. Looks like, Obama administration is starting to believe that we can destroy Russia’s all nuclear capabilities within a matter of minute, even before they are able to use any of those capabilities. This is ridiculous, in every sense. In the contemporary world, nuclear and neutron bombs do not reside on land based installations only. Those are widely spread under the sea, installed on submarines.

In addition to that U.S. and Russia are not the only nuclear powers in world and all of those are not necessarily on our side. The extremely adverse environmental consequences of any nuclear war can easily make the existence of any life on this planet impossible. Only utterly stupid people can assume that we can have a nuclear war with very limited consequences. Nuclear weapons are now far more powerful than the ones that were dropped on Japan and are certainly far more abundant. The power of a standard nuclear weapon now-a-days is about fifty times the ones used in Second World War.

The current global stockpile of nuclear weapons, especially the ones owned by U.S, and Russia is more than enough to extinguish the flame of life on this planet, several times over. The vested special interest and dream of global dominance can render us with no world at all. While Russia may be the cause of some problems in Ukraine, most of its problems and near bankruptcy economic hardships stem from rampant corruption in its own government. All the economic and military aid in the world to that country cannot end these internal issues, until and unless Ukrainians themselves take the charge of their own affairs and place some solid measures to resolve these issues.

It is very hard for me to understand, anything that happens in the world endangers our national security. But, Russia is not entitled to get alarmed even by something happening right there in its neighborhood? Bigger question is, why our corrupt politicians, corporate media and even average Americans do not understand this problem? Do we not call boogeymen, boogeymen anymore? How many wars can we afford and how many countries we can fight with, especially if the list includes Russia.
We have lots of financial and military resources. But, are those enough to fight the whole world? What are we thinking? Isn’t it simply stubbornness or what? Why can’t we just focus on growth, prosperity, trade and international relationships based on mutual respect and benefits? Paranoia against whole world and the whole humanity that is being fed to us, is engulfing the whole nation. We believe that everyone hates us, everyone is jealous of us, everyone is our enemy and everyone is planning and acting to destroy us. Even the civil wars in far off nations are a threat to our security. How? And Why?
Mounting debt, increasing deficits and disappearing civil liberties do not sound alarm any alarm to us. But, the sheep pushers and camel riders in far off countries can scare us to death? Does this make any sense? The biggest problem is that nothing changes with any change in government at any level. The leaders in both parties sound different. But, essentially, they continue exactly same damaging policies, in very much the same way. Democrats and Republicans are increasingly becoming two sides of one picture.
The bottom line is that the ages old dream of world dominance has seriously failed, once again. World is simply way too big and complicated to be dominated by one power. The only difference is, this time the consequences seem to be far worse and devastating. In old days the ambitions of conquerors destroyed one nation or may be a few. Now, the destruction is going to be global and at a far bigger scale. People in the whole world, including United States, are going to seriously suffer for a very long time. The factors which made it easier, in past world, to recover like commodity based currency are long gone. All the currency in world is based on worthless paper and its value is determined by Dollar. If dollar loses value, any money that anyone owns anywhere in the world turns into a worthless piece of paper.
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