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U.S. Presidential Elections 2012, Analysis


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Mr. Romney has said that under Obama administration Iran will make nuclear weapons, but, not under his. This is just one prime example of typical Republican rhetoric, without any explanation of How and Why? First of all, it is not our job to police the world. It is unconstitutional and we cannot even afford it. So long for Republican fiscal responsibility. For example, Bush. 9/11 attacks happened under Republican watch, in spite of repeated warnings from intelligence community. Then Bush started two wars, one of those, with Iraq, was totally illegitimate. Cost us trillion dollars, thousands of lives of U.S. soldiers, about a million Iraqi civilians died, as well, and caused us bad name in the world.
Second of all Iran is nowhere any close to making nuclear weapons. It is similar propaganda that led us to Vietnam, Korean and Iraq wars, only to pile up the mounts of debt and benefit the big corporations and defense contractors. Even if Iran gets nuclear weapons, the country is far, far away from a delivery system that may threaten United States. As a matter of fact Obama’s stance on Iran nuclear weapons is much stronger then Bush’s on North Korean, which, by the way failed and North Korea was able to test nuclear weapons, under Republican watch. Now, suppose, that all the global sanctions and peaceful pressure could not stop Iran and it gets closer to have nuclear weapons. What is the choice then?
I believe Mr. Romney doesn’t have Aladdin’s lamp. So, the only possible choice he is referring to is to attack Iran, as well. I have to say, this idiot has no clue what the hell he is talking about. All he cares about is to lure extreme right, get some votes and win the elections. Attacking Iran is extremely controversial and dangerous, from many aspects.
First of all, does our constitution permit us to attack a sovereign nation, just because it is practicing it’s sovereign right to acquire certain weapons? Second of all Iran is not Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya or Syria. Iran has lots of fire power, most of it provided by us during Shah’s regime and during Iran Iraq war. It has very large military. It has a very large number of fanatics ready to die, inside and outside the country, including United States, also called sleepers.
Iran has much more and better influence in the world, including Europe, Latin and South America, and Middle East. Iran’s war will definitively get Syria and Hezbollah involved, may even involve Iraq, causing serious threat to Israel, as Iran can easily hit deep into small Israel, with it’s locally manufactured middle range missiles, from Syria and Lebanon. Iran has a definitive capability to perform deadly air attacks on Israel, as well. Our involvement in Iran, after other Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria can tip off 1.5 billion Muslims in the world and some of the neutral and pro-western regimes in Muslim countries can be thrown away, causing Islamic revolutions in those countries, with new Islamic governments joining Iran, in Holy war, against America.
Iran is still one of the largest oil producers and most of the oil that reaches us passes through gulf, easily accessible to Iran. So, a war with Iran can seriously effect oil supplies and cause unbelievable rise in gas prices, up to 8-10 dollars a gallon, with rationing of gas. Can U.S. consumer, who is already being beaten by recession that happened under Republican watch, afford that another powerful jolt? Due to hike in gas prices, there will be serious inflation, raising the cost of living and cost of doing business. Is this the blow, U.S. businesses and consumers need, right now? Above and beyond all that, we do not have money to fight another useless, baseless, aimless and costly war.
Due to this war’s global nature and because we will have very few allies in that war, it will be far more expensive then any wars we have been in, recently. Along with even worse economy and higher cost, it will raise the level of budget deficits and national debt to a truly bankruptcy level. Dollar will crash. Will be replaced by Chinese currency or Euro as the global exchange and reserves currency. This will seriously reduce the demand for dollar, devaluing it even further. This devalued Dollar will cause even more inflation, increased cost of living, including gas prices, and raised cost of doing business, causing even more business failures and unemployment, possibly up to 20%.
This can cause serious disruption in law and order situation here in United States and may even lead to a civil war and revolution. These kind of revolutions are very bloody and expensive. They can quickly wipe out the wealth and infra-structure built in centuries. Although, this is the kind of revolution that corporations, military generals and right wing extremists would like to have. Why? Because this can provide them excuses to suspend all democratic processes and governments at all levels and replace them with appointed civil and military bureaucrats, suspend all basic human rights, indefinitely, and take away the freedom of media and press. Contrary to popular opinion, they could enforce their own right wing agenda in the name of national security. Of course, the investment and business suffers badly under those kind of circumstances, making situation even worse.
There is no doubt that we are powerful, rich, resilient, organized and have the tradition of powerful democracy, since our inception as a nation. But, like any other resource, none of these is unlimited. Unfortunately, by preferring ideology over national interests, and fighting and creating deadlocks over useless and baseless issues, we have been testing our strength, too much. Before we go too far or before it is too late, we all, must start putting our national interests, first. This, of course, means putting aside ideological warfare, political bickering, media frenzy and corporate lobbies, at every level, federal, state and local. As a voter, too, we must do what is good for our country. We must not vote for a candidate just because he or she satisfies our ideological interests or because he or she has most of corporate money.

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