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Beside many others, a very dangerous recent development on international scene is that the old adversaries like China and Russia are getting closer against a common enemy, U.S. This is a serious problem. Those are now getting added to a long list of countries like Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq which have extremely negative views about United States. China and Russia are two big economic, technology, defense and political giants with lots of advanced nuclear arsenal. Individually, both countries hold world’s two largest cash reserves. China, and to some extent Russia, owns over a trillion in U.S. backed securities. These countries are apparently coming together after recent developments in Ukraine and South China Sea.

No doubt that we are the only super power in world, right now. But, we are already overstretched in almost every part of the world. Plus, we are broke with about seventeen trillion dollars in debt and over a trillion dollars annual deficit. Although, officially we are out of great recession, the economy is still growing at a very sub-optimal level, and unemployment and under employment are very high. Unfortunately the neocons in our country are still stuck in end of cold war, and fall and bankruptcy of Soviet Union.

Our belief that we can run over anyone, anywhere, anytime is simply unrealistic and disastrous. No one can fight the whole world. The great conquerors in human history who went on the rampage to conquer world, did not end up very well. Let me tell you this, people all over the world are getting totally tired of our rhetoric about Democracy and human rights. Most people, including a very large proportion in our allies in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Australia, have started to believe that we are totally out of control. Unfortunately, many of them look at China and Russia as potential forces which may stop U.S. aggression going on over one country after the other.

Russian and Chinese leadership knows very well that in last decade or so, we have lost lots of moral high grounds. Most people do not look at us as a gold standard for freedom and tolerance, anymore. There is no doubt that much of the world has different beliefs, they think different, they have different social and cultural norms, they have different way of living and they live under different systems. Matter of the fact is that every single country in the world cannot be and will not be Democratic and / or capitalist. Just like us, other people have the right to choose, too.

Many of these countries are now trying to settle down the centuries old disputes. In the process they are going through intense civil wars. Taking sides on these civil wars, does not do any good to us. It just creates more enemies, and prolongs the curse of wars we are going through for over one decade, now. We had to go through revolution and civil war, too. Europe had to go through revolutions and civil wars. It wasn’t easy for any of us to settle these type of disputes. Europe and America lost lots of lives in that bloodshed.

Other parts of the world are just a little late on this. People over there are waking up, now. Status quo and religious establishment is resisting this awakening, very hard, as usual. Let them fight. Let them decide. We have absolutely no business in those issues. I know we are always worried about the supply of oil and other energy resources. Those are really critical to our own survival. There is a simple solution, right here at home. Expedite fracking and get rid of those vested interests. Russia and China united with Muslims are about three billion people, half of the world.

Besides policing the world, our sense of being privileged is causing lots of problems for us, too. I mean why we are so much worried about what China and Russia are doing in their backyards, thousands of miles away from us. They may not be right every single time. But, they are rising powers, too. They want to secure their borders and backyards. Crimea has always been a part of Russia. It was added to Ukraine during Soviet Union. Crimean people voted overwhelmingly for union with Russia in their referendum. The referendum was monitored by U.N. and other international observers.
South China Sea is the border of China. We are trying to peak into China from there. Although International law permits us to do so, it does sound offensive. What is legal, is not always right, and may be considered a threat by others. What if Russia or china or anyone else starts peaking on us the similar way from Atlantic or Pacific? Are we going to be happy with it? Are we not going to consider it offensive? Pushing everyone else and making them unite against ourselves is not wise, at all. Chinese leadership seems to be far wiser in this respect. They are totally avoiding wars while building and growing trade with virtually everyone.
Putin wants to reclaim the Soviet power. This may be dangerous in long run. But, the thought that he can be stopped by sanctions and threats is a bit of misunderstanding. China has refused to participate in sanction on Russia. European leadership is very hesitant and halfhearted in the whole process. European people and economists are already feeling the heat generated by sanctions. The potential damage to their economies is far more than to ours. They trade lot more with Russia. They are very much dependent on Russian oil and gas. As people feel the effects, public opinion in Europe is already diverting against sanctions.
The ambition for world dominance has given us nothing except wars and bankruptcy. It may be beneficial for few multinational corporations. But, it is certainly not in the benefit of American people. We need a peaceful environment and growth of trade. We need Chinese type policy of making friends, not enemies. If china, Russia and India are heading towards being economic and world powers, isn’t it better to have powerful friends than having powerful enemies? Instead of getting threatened, we need to re-create a thriving economic environment in our own country, so that we remain number one, regardless of anything.
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