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My friends, we or South Korea, do not have a peace treaty with North Korea. We rather have an armistice signed after 1950-53 Korean War. In the meantime, we, South Korea and Japan, keep trumpeting the vows to bring down socialist, dictatorial regime in North Korea. Now, if North Korea says that they have legitimate concerns against rich and nuclear equipped United States, and rich Japan and South Korea, what is so difficult in understanding that concern?

I believe, to end this very dangerous situation in Korean peninsula, we must stop our mission and war against communist regime in North Korean. This means that we have to be open for peace treaty with that regime. It also requires that we and our allies provide help to North Korea in rebuilding its seriously damaged economy. This seems to be the only way to stop the craziness on the part of North Korean regime.

Sanctions and animosity doesn’t work. It just creates an equal and opposite reaction. These are not working in case of Iran, and do not seem to be working in case of North Korea. We must stop blaming China for all this mess, and our failures. We keep saying that North Korean government is daring to do all this because of their backing from China. China is the reason why all these sanctions are not working. I must say that this stance in our foreign policy keeps messing up the world and our relations with other countries.

We keep telling the world that only national interests that exist are the U.S. interests. All the others either do not exist or must submit to U.S. interests. Time has proven that it never works that way. All the other countries in our world, including China, North Korea and Iran have their interests and concerns, too. We cannot be possibly ruling all of those out, solely based on our interests and concerns.

China, now, has strong economic and trade relations with United States and its allies. But, it also has strong ideological differences with us. North Korea, while a security threat for South Korea, Japan, United States and overall world peace, and Iran, while a security threat for Israel and world peace, have their own security interests and concerns, too. As long as we are not obliging their legitimate interests and concerns, while safeguarding our own, our foreign policy will keep experiencing serious bumps.

You do not get a right to live unless to give others a right to live. Our global happiness, security and prosperity is increasingly entangled to each other with growing and improving technology, communication and transportation. World is really shrinking. It is not just a phrase. It is a tough and undeniable reality of our times. There were times when we were supposed to be far away from the reach of the problems and issues of other worlds. Not anymore. 9/11 proved that and now Koreans are threatening to hit us.

We are not too far, anymore. Making world a better place to live is not only the dream and concern of others. We must share that dream and concern, equally, now. At one point we thought that the end of Korean War was the end of our Korean pains. We did not even care to sign a peace treaty. We still do not, apparently. Unfortunately, for many of us, dictating the world, their way to live, is our solemn responsibility. Time is increasingly teaching us that we cannot do that anymore. If we continue to go this path, it will only increase our pains. Pains, we cannot even afford. We must recognize everyone’s and every nation’s right to choose their own destiny. Their own way of living. We cannot hold the view of not tolerating this kind of regime or that kind of regime, and this kind of way of living or that kind of way of living, and this kind of political and economic system or that kind of political and economic system. Whatever other people, nations or countries chose for themselves should be fine for us, just as we expect that our way of living, and our political and economic system should be okay for them to accept as our way of living or political and economic system.
Respect for the sovereign nations is the key. If we respect other sovereign nations, the other sovereign nations will respect us.
We must realize that regardless of anything, China will never like or want an unstable North Korea or the removal of an effective buffer between it and western ally South Korea, which currently has about 28,000 U.S. troops deployed in it. It just puzzles and infuriates me when diplomats and political pundits on mainstream media, never even try to touch the other side of picture. This is a major reason why issues never get resolved. They just keep getting worse and more complicated. Here the question arises, if they even have an interest in the resolution of issues, or they just want to escalate it or at least maintain at the same level? I will not be surprised if your answer is no. There is ample evidence that in addition to the stupidity of North Korean regime, a major factor in the escalation of this crisis is that the western diplomats, politicians and media pundits, view this crisis as a golden opportunity to bring down the Korean regime. They do not want to give up their long standing dream and therefore trying everything possible to keep complicating this issue.
What they do not understand or do not want to understand, is that playing this dangerous game with a crazy regime, and nuclear power with long range missiles, could have disastrous consequences for the whole world. Will that not be worse than tolerating a communist regime? Live and let others live, would not be a better policy? We just cannot turn the whole world Capitalist or democratic. Many enthusiasts, adventurers and conquerors have dreamed of ruling the world or having a unified system or religion in the world. They have always caused serious damages to humanity.

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