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Tutorspree, The Tutor-Matching Startup Backed By Sequoia And YC, Shuts Down | TechCrunch

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COLLEEN TAYLORposted 3 hours ago0 Comments

Tutorspree, the New York-based tutor-matching startup that had been dubbed the “Airbnb for tutoring” when it launched out of Y Combinator’s Winter 2011 class, is shutting down.

The company’s three co-founders Aaron Harris, Josh Abrams and Ryan Bednar announced the closure this morning in a post to Tutorspree’s official blog, writing:

“Ultimately, we learned about the challenges of willing a company into existence, of building an incredible and unique team to tackle constantly shifting challenges. And finally, we learned about how to make the toughest decision of all – to shut Tutorspree down, not because it was not a business, but because we could not make it the company we wanted.”

In an email to TechCrunch, Tutorspree CEO Aaron Harris added the following comment:

“We built something we were incredibly proud of, but got to the point where we realized it would not scale in a way that would meet our goals. It was a tough decision emotionally, but it was the right move from the rational perspective.”

Tutorspree, which matched students with high-quality local tutors, had raised a total of $1.8 million from investors including Sequoia Capital with its latest $800,000 investment coming just this past February. Its website indicates that the company has a staff of 10.






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September 1, 2010



Tutorspree finds the perfect tutor for every student, for every subject. Tutorspree is solving the discovery, matching, scheduling and payment inefficiencies in a $7B domestic market. We do this by combining our deep and growing roster of over 5000 active tutors with technology that creates ideal pairings between students and tutors.



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