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Tolerance, Big Government, Civil Liberties

A very important aspect of our lives that is being victimized, for a while, in the name of “your own safety and security”, is tolerance. The tolerance of the government for diverse and contradictory ideas, philosophies, ideologies, lifestyles and movements has been decreasing, drastically. It is amazing that while we keep attacking, invading and interfering into other countries and keep violating their sovereignty, in the name of freedom and liberty, we are not allowing that much freedom in our own country. Protests are being suppressed, websites are being banned, censored and forced to shut down, protesters are being physically abused by law enforcement, and jailed, citizens are being detained indefinitely without any court warrants and judicial trial, and even being killed, government agencies are exercising their unconstitutional powers to harass the citizens.

Why this is happening, in the land of free and brave? There are various reasons. First and foremost is that the government has grown too big. How? With our tax payers money. Unfortunately, this huge increase in the size of government is made possible by two totally unconstitutional government agencies, Federal Reserve and Internal Revenue Services. As a matter of fact, Federal Reserve is not even a government agency. It is a consortium of big private banks, which is allowed to use the word “Federal” to fool people. As for IRS, the 1916 act, which resulted in the formation of IRS, is never ratified by appropriate number of states. In addition to this, there is no law requiring an average American wage earner to pay income tax.

How these two unconstitutional agencies have made the exponential growth of government possible? You need lots and lots of money to run the world’s largest government. As a matter of fact trillions of dollars. Federal reserve makes is possible by printing enormous amounts of money, out of thin air, which it lends to our government and charges interest on it. This interest is paid by us in the form of taxes. Money printing, out of thin air, practically has no or very little value. To provide strength and value to this money, government needs real money, too. This purpose is served by IRS. By laying unconstitutional taxes on American people, IRS provides real money, with value, to government. The strength of this money, which is backed by large and strong U.S. economy, and the capital and labor of American people, provides the strength to money printed out of thin air, by Federal Reserve.

Since, government has grown too big, even these two extra ordinary measures are not enough to finance our huge government. So, government borrows money from countries like China. Right now government is borrowing 1.1 trillion dollars a year to finance it’s annual deficits. The total debt incurred on American tax payers and their future generations, due to reckless government spending, Republican and Democrat, has now surpassed 16 trillion dollars. To word trillion is, now, used so frequently that most people do not even understand it’s enormity. To understand this go back one second in past for every dollar. For a million you will have to go back few hours, for a billion a little over thirty years and for trillion about 33,000 years, when homo sapiens were walking on this planet. That is how huge a trillion is. It is written like this, 1,000,000,000,000. Yes, it has twelve zeros, and it is still less then our 1.1 trillion per year deficit. Yes, per year. Just imagine sixteen trillion. It has one million of millions. Yes million is the square root of trillion. That is how much we are indebted, right now.

And all this is happening, in the country which came into being on the principles of small government and maximum personal liberties. Is it not sad? And bothersome, and fearful? Our forefathers were so against big government, because, big government always results into tyranny, as it is happening, right now. Government is striving to take control of every aspect of our lives and turn us into robots functioning exactly as programmed by extensive government regulations. As of today there are about hundred and seventy thousand federal government regulations, in effect, restricting civil liberties and private enterprise in every possible way.

At the top of this, thanks to the corporate media, sold out politicians and fear mongering from so called major political parties, the two party duopoly on our political system was once again successful. Fear mongering I am talking about is a game that both parties play for each other, every election cycle, with the help of big media. First of all, with the help of corporate lobbies, both parties were able to spend over a billion dollars, each, on election. As usual, the so called presidential debate commission, kept third party candidates out from nationally televised debates. The public financing of campaigns, from tax payers money, was, as usual, mostly distributed between the two parties, except a very insignificant amount that was provided to Gary Johnson. Big media did an, almost, complete black out of third party candidates. In addition to all this, as the elections date came closer, both parties, with the help of big media, started scarring voters, day and night. Big media kept telling the voters that election was going to be very close and any vote to a third party candidate would be a waste and help elect the other candidate. With the help of big media, they were able to polarize the situation to an extreme, forcing voters, even if they are tired of both political parties, to vote one of the major party candidate, not because they liked the candidate, but, just to stop getting other candidate being elected. They have coined a very funny terminology for this monopolistic game, “lesser evil”. What it actually means is that do not vote for right candidate and the candidate you really like and the one you want to be elected, but, vote for one of the major party candidate, who you think is less evil then the other, so that the greater evil doesn’t get elected. Really? Unfortunately, lots of Americans fall for this intense and evil propaganda.

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