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The Rise of Violence Against Authority

Violence is a significant concern in contemporary society, and is something that has continued to rise steadily in specific geographical areas of the US. While acts of violence between members of society are troubling enough, incidents where violence is directed towards authority figures is even more concerning, as this is something which strikes at the very core of shared communal values. Law enforcement bodies and officers subsist to protect the members of a community, and an attack upon them is a direct challenge to the safety and harmony of a society.
As reports filtered through that a total of 11 US police and Federal officers were gunned down in the space of just 24 hours, a tangible sense of shock gripped the entire country. Although the US and many western cultures have become used to instances of gun crime and violence as a daily though regrettable occurrence, the sudden explosion of fury aimed at a body of authority figures is as disturbing as it is unprecedented. It is a trend that could destabilize an entire society of it were to continue, and one which needs to be understood fully before it is tackled.

Understanding the Violence
 Early reaction from government and law enforcement officials suggest that they believe the acts to be unconnected, and individual instances of violence manifested from desperation and variable personal circumstances. While this is a plausible explanation, it does not necessarily correlate with the frequency of the events and their nature. It is particularly unlikely that there would be 11 separate instances of citizens using firearms against police officers within such a short space of time, especially ones that are result of the exact same trigger and circumstance.

It is much more reasonable to presume that the events are part of a worrying behavioral trend developing in the US, and that the high volume of attacks reported in the last two days is more coincidental than anything else. There are several other conclusions that could be drawn from these events, and the most relevant of these is the apparent willingness of criminals to use firearms in order to obtain their goals. This is indicative of a decreasing appreciation of the value of life and humanity, as cash or compulsion becomes more important than individuals.

Determining Cause and TriggersIf we accept that these acts as reflections of the ever decreasing value of mortality, then it is important to investigate the potential causes for this. It is one thing to be a criminal and undertake criminal activity, but it is quite another to slay and extinguish human life as a cold hearted inevitability of these actions. This type of slaying transcends the concepts of crime for gain and violence as an occupational certainty, and means that the individuals who commit these acts see human existence as both expendable and insignificant.

So what causes these instances? Many possible triggers exist, but modern media resources and the surfeit of violent and anti establishment video games on the market would certainly seem to be influential as potential causes. These entities, in their own independent ways, promote the idea of violence being both inconsequential and also having an accepted place within society. This not only creates misconceptions in impressionable minds, but also reduces the levels of empathy displayed by society towards the victims of crimes and violence.

Video games, and especially the contemporary designs, boast realistic and relentless violence in numerous virtual scenarios. Another feature of these titles is that the violence is often perpetrated by the player towards law enforcement bodies and agencies, rather than the user utilizing tools to defeat villainous characters. This rebellious and anti establishment theme is not healthy within a society where fire arms are readily available for sale and usage, as youngsters are being taught that violence is not only acceptable but also glamorous when aimed towards authority and its representatives.

Resolution and the FutureIf parents and regulatory bodies continue to sanction excessively violent games without due censorship, then youngsters and teenagers will continue to grow with an desensitized attitude to violence and an unhealthy disillusion with authority. This is even worse when they are played alongside television programs and films that display the same theme (which feature anti heroes who often seek empathy from their viewers) as vulnerable young minds are exposed to an entire media that glamorizes acts of violence towards establishment. These portrayals set potentially divisive behavioral trends, and ones which only manifest themselves once an individual is older and able to own and operate their own firearm.

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