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The Relevance of Old Fashioned Medicine in the Contemporary Age

As science and technology advances at a rapid pace, there is a decreasing reliance upon the simple and more traditional techniques of administering and applying medicine. There is some debate to be had however as to whether this is necessarily a good development or otherwise, especially as some studies have revealed the power of basic and natural techniques in treating illness and disease. Should these methods become marginalized, then the scope of available treatments may become reduced and lead to a significant drop in medial progress.

After all, progression and advancement does not need to rely solely on new concepts of methodology. It is simply an application of knowledge to improve a social, technological or medical issue, and it is more the way in which this information is used which is more relevant than its freshness or longevity. Subsequently, established knowledge or medical techniques can remain relevant in the contemporary age, and should not be sidelined on the basis of being traditional or old fashioned.

The Power of Relationships in Healing DiseaseDespite the power and increasing diversity of drugs that are available to treat ailments, the power of positive thinking and beneficial relationships have been shown to be key in the recovery of individuals from certain health issues. As a recent study into psychotherapy by the National Institute of Mental Health revealed, maintaining a positive and therapeutic relationship between a therapist and their patient is one of the most effective ways of successfully treating depression, even ahead of modern drug treatments and more cutting edge techniques.

This was gauged through interaction, and the most significant feature was exactly how the patient connected emotionally with their therapist. Those who developed an inherent understanding and attachment with their therapist showed the quickest and best longevity of recovery, due both to the positive effects of the relationship and the patients absorbance of their doctors decisive and determined attitude towards recovery.

A Natural Remedy, but Not a PlaceboThis type of natural treatment for illness may be considered to be a variation of a placebo, in the fact that is requires no medical tools to deliver a sense of recovery and stability to the patient. However, whereas a placebo misleads and manipulates the mind into following a perceived course of action, this type pf positive relationship is far more straightforward and benefits through both conscious and subconscious thoughts. It is therefore far more ethical and also boasts a better longevity in terms of treating people over a significant period of time.

What is more, this principle can theoretically be adapted across a range of different illnesses and ailments, utilizing the psychological aspects of positive thinking and security to foster the physical manifestation of recovery. Though the idea that mental fortitude and the power of positive thought can be used to treat disease may seem outdated in the contemporary age, it is in depth and modern studies that have proven it to be more modern today than it has ever been, and with the potential to save the government millions in medical research and drug development expenditure.

A Stark Warning on the Nature of AdvancementWhat this study proves is that we should all remain wary when it comes to the nature of technological and medical advancement. It is all too often pigeon holed and labeled as the stringent application of new and recently developed knowledge, and this does not do justice to the way that old techniques can be re-evaluated and applied to benefit a modern day society. What evolution should teach us is to be open minded in our approach to challenging disease and illness, and that established knowledge can be adapted to suit more contemporary demands.

One of the issues of modern medicine is that continual research creates new and so called super drugs on a regular basis, and these are often sought and used to treat specific illnesses like depression without more natural methods being afforded the right opportunity to succeed. This not only costs the government crucial tax payer money in a financially difficult circumstance, but also has the potential to create addiction and dependency in case where such a consequence can be whole heartedly avoided. The notion of positive thought influencing physical well being is not entirely new, but this should not render it irrelevant in the fast paced contemporary world.

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Navaid I. Syed is the owner and CEO of / ExcitingAds! Inc. He is a medical doctor and was born in Mirpurkhas, Sind, Pakistan, on July 31, 1964. He graduated from Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Jamshoro, Sind, Pakistan, in 1990. He is Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, Philadelphia, PA, USA, certified.

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