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The Growing Influence of Facebook and the Social Network

The concept of the social network has shown immense growth since its inception, and has emerged as a key resource for communication and interaction in contemporary society. Facebook stands as the single biggest social network, and recently revealed that it now boasts over 500 million users worldwide, providing an ever improving computer interface accessible in hundreds of countries.

It was recently revealed that private investors have sunk $500,000 into Facebook in 2010, which has elevated the corporations market value beyond the staggering level of $50 billion. This rate of investment and corporate growth have made the brand currently more valuable than the Times Warner Group, Yahoo and the popular Internet trading site EBay. Given the nature of the site and its purpose, this level of global and financial expansion is quite remarkable.

The Present and the Future for FacebookAs a social networking entity, Facebook continues to expand and develop unabated. It continues to gain new investors with ease, while also being able to source and capture alternative and smaller social networking resources. In 2010, statistics even suggested that the site had surpassed as Google as the most frequented web resource, which is another remarkable feat given the multipurpose structure of Google and the range of business and personal services that it offers to the consumer.

The popularity of Facebook is startling, especially as it has continued to grow in terms of its finances and number of users despite remaining largely a social networking site. Although it has made great strides in allowing people to interface, chat and participate in numerous innovative online activities, it has not developed a range of alternative uses and purposes. This means that it has continued to thrive largely as a communication tool for personal utilization, with well placed affiliate advertising and promotional links.

While this development is hugely beneficial for the sites owners and affiliates, it does pose significant questions about the sites place within society. The concept that a social networking site, which is almost entirely reliant on its users to generate content and the basis for advertising revenue streams, should become as wealthy and as powerful as it has defies to common logic of business and commercial enterprise. It also raises concerns as to a site and brand of the nature of Facebook being so influential within a global society.

The Art of CommunicationWhat the success of Facebook shows is how the trends in person to person communication have changed since its inception. Notably, Facebook has coincided with a society where the Internet is the single most powerful media resource in the world, and where online activity continues to grow and dominate every day existence. Facebook and subsequent social networks have capitalised on the Internet age, and made remote and virtual communication more popular than ever before.

Though this type of communication has many benefits, for those who choose to immerse themselves fully in the concept then it can lead to social inadequacies and a diminishing ability to function in real and non contrived situations. Undoubtedly useful for communicating with distant friends, relatives or sending and receiving instant messages, its presence has far surpassed this need for remote and non urgent communication, and has instead emerged as one of the most commonly utilized modes of communication in the modern day.

Far from being aware of any such issues, the creators of Facebook have continued to modify the site to increase the types and levels of user interaction. Various applications and affiliate advertising has been developed to promote dating and online interaction between the sexes, which look to capitalise on the ever changing trends in courtship and relationship development. Though an especially profitable feature of contemporary society, this type of interaction has a questionable effect on the improvement of an individuals social skills and their ability to forge long term unions.

An Unstoppable ForceFacebook is not responsible for a changing world and the ever adaptable face of human interaction, but it remains the flag bearer for remote communication and social networking etiquette. It has capitalized perfectly on the Internet age, and helped further assuage contemporary societies desire for online resolutions to every day issues and functions. It is symbolic of its time more than almost any other feature of modern existence, and stands for everything that is synonymous with the current generation of young adults.

Though it undoubtedly has potentially negative connotations in terms of long term social interaction and corporeal relationships, it will continue to remain profitable for its affiliates as it so completely compatible with the age in which it subsists. This, allied to the sites unique feature of allowing its users to dictate a large majority of the visible content, will ensure that it remains at the forefront of social networking and interaction as well as finding new and innovative ways to further cultivate online communications.

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