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The Benefits of the Internet as the Premier News Source in the US

Recent studies and reports have suggested that the internet has now surpassed TV as the premier resource for news in the US. This trend is especially prominent amongst young adults in the country, with 65 percent of the 18-29 age demographic using the World Wide Web to keep informed of topical local and world events. This is an increase of 31 percent in the least three years, whereas the rate of this age demographic who cite television as their main news source has dropped 16 percent in the same period.

Though this trend is most prevalent amongst younger adults, it is reflected across other ranges too. A significant 48 percent of citizens aged between 30 and 59 now regard the internet as their primary news source, whereas even the retired generation now cite online resources as their first port of call for current affairs. These statistics clearly show that the internet has surpassed television as the most significant media outlet, and also raises questions as to the validity of a largely uncensored entity providing news to the public.

The Advantages and Otherwise of Internet News Resources


There are both advantages and disadvantages to people using the internet to obtain their daily news bulletins. To understand these, it is important to comprehend the core differences between information that is provided to the internet and that which is displayed on television. The most important difference is that news can be sourced on the internet through a range of different sites and uncensored providers, whereas contrived television bulletins are carefully structured to deliver considered news and requisite opinion.

Internet news sources are numerable, and while some are online factions of reputable news corporations like CNN and Fox, others are less well known and independent sites. Because the nature of the internet is both vast and largely uncensored, the information that is provided through these channels is often less reliable than that which is reported on television reports. Television, by way of contrast, delivers selected stories in a thoughtful and monitored way, in order to inform without creating any potential offence or misconceptions.

These differences cause the divide of opinion between media viewers. Young adults who have grown up in a liberated society favor the uncensored and accessible features of internet news sites, as they believe that they are less bound by formality and cultivate a more enhanced opinion in their subscribers. More conservative television viewers however may have developed a level of scepticism concerning the internet and its less regulated form, considering that’s its information is either potentially unreliable or irresponsibly presented.

What Format is Most Suited to Contemporary Society


Undoubtedly, in age where the majority of young professionals are busy with work and studies, the internet is a wonderfully convenient and relevant tool. Given the further development of laptop computers and portable digital media, internet news resources are perfectly tailored to suit the requirements of contemporary society. In the terms of logistics and relevance, the internet has continued to adapt to create a perfectly engineered format for citizens to keep in touch with pressing global events.

With regards to censorship, the chief concern is that internet sites without responsible regulation may provide false or potential insightful news in order to create a reaction from impressionable subscribers. However, this issue is mostly unfounded, as the majority of popular news sites either draw their stories from or are directly affiliated to reputable news and broadcasting organizations. As well as this, the reduced levels of censorship and more informal format of internet resources are often attributed with helping to create a more independent and informed society.

This is because where news is presented in a concisely written text and without soundbites or the contentions of predetermined experts, it becomes easier to absorb all of the information and form an entirely individual and unbiased opinion. It also allows the subscriber to read the stories most relevant to themselves at their own convenience, meaning that they are not bound by a dictated order of reports and content. This style of news delivery is therefore perhaps more conducive to forward thinking and the development of identity and values, and subsequently stands as the most suitable method of informing citizens in a liberal society.

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