This article analyzes the ongoing wars since September 11, 2001, in the light of current escalations against ISIS, in Syria and Iraq. Provides a historical perspective, and performs a broader, theoretical cost and benefit analysis. Highlights the sad fact that we are wasting incredible amount of resources in fighting the enemies which do not have any capability to attack us in foreseeable future. Shows that we are fighting for goals which have never been successfully achieved in human history.

This article analyzes the conspiracy theories and governments’ monopoly on power in the light of recently growing U.S. militaristic involvement in many countries around the world. Highlights the fact that only individuals are supposed to have monopoly on power, not the governments. The institution of government is supposed to serve individuals, not the other way around. Governments are public servants, not the masters.

This article analyzes the idea of economic and political freedom, in the light of recent events in Scotland. Provides a very broad and deep historical perspective. Compares different political options available. Explains that the individual freedom is not an expression of geographical boundaries. It is an expression of economic and political ideologies and systems people living under. You are not free, unless as an individual you are free to determine the way you want to live.

This article analyzes the issue of Terrorism, in the light of current developments in Iraq. Provides a broader and deeper historical perspective. Explores the hideous relationship between organized religion and violence. Brings into focus the disasters of U.S. foreign policy. Answers the question, Is more U.S. involvement a solution to these problems. Emphasizes the fact that civil wars can never be settled by foreign powers.

This article analyzes current developments in Iraq under a broader and deeper historic perspective. Finds out, what is making this situation, so worse. Highlights all the factors and powers involved, their interests and role in the conflict. Criticizes the U.S. policies to keep arming, training and funding different groups and governments for their vested interests. Shows, how unreliable these groups and governments can turn out to be.

This article analyzes our conflicts with Muslim world, in the light of latest ISIS offenses in Iraq. Brings into perspective the whole cultural, historic and evolutionary cycle of monotheistic religions. Compares the history of islam with other major religions. Connects the broken links and discusses the policy options to fix the mess we got ourselves in. Highlights the concerns of Muslims, playing a big role in overall worsening of situation in Middle East.

This article analyzes the devastation caused by useless and endless wars since 9/11, in the light of recent scandal surrounding Department of Veterans Affairs. Highlights the fact that there is a real human and financial collateral damage, and costs attached to all wars. Criticizes the big media reports and digs down the real causes and manifestations of problem. Emphasizes the fact that power is not the only requirement for war. It requires strategy, planning, smartness and intelligence, too.

This article analyzes the potential candidacy of Hillary clinton for president of United States in 2016. Highlights the Hillary’s involvement in all major foreign policy disasters of last two decades. Warns that “first woman president” is going to be a disaster even worse than “first black president”. Stresses on the fact that the election of U.S. president must be purely on the basis of merit, not on the bases of ethnic background or sex.

This article analyzes the the cause and damages attached to terrorism and War on Terror. Provides a historic perspective. Performs a cause and effect analysis, and reviews the cost effectiveness of War on Terror. Sheds light on U.S. foreign policy and aftermath of post 9/11 wars. Article has special focus on Pakistan. Explores the role of Pakistan and the cost it is paying for being a U.S. ally in War on Terror.

This article analyzes the continuously worsening human rights situation in United States, since 9/11. Criticizes AUMF, NDAA and patriot act. Highlights the constitutional issues attached to post-9/11 continuous state of war. Raise the question, is this really worth over a trillion dollars in spending, loss of thousands of soldiers, over a million deaths, immense loss of property and business, and giving away our freedoms?

This article analyzes the increasing religious polarization in India, under the microscope of 2014 general elections. Provides an extensive historical perspective. Adds the context of overall South East Asian and global politics. Gets to the roots of this issue. Covers all aspects. Finds out, why religious extremism is getting stronger and stronger, in a society where people of different religions are living together for centuries, over centuries.

This article is first in a series, analyzing the current state of affairs in United States under a very broad spectrum of global background, history, facts exploration, research, politics and Economics. Finds out, if the global and historical class warfare still going on in U.S.? Do we still have a class which is trying to enslave the masses? Explores the attacks on constitution of United States of America. Highlights the facts, why elite class envies our constitution, so much?

This article analyzes the logic and consequences of U.S. foreign interventions, invasions and wars. Discusses the topic in a very wide context. Highlights the human and financial cost of these ventures. Finds out, if these have been beneficial even from political point of view. Provides a historical perspective. Points out to the facts on grounds and results outside the battlefields. Performs a cost and benefit analysis.

This article analyzes the ever going U.S. wars and defense spending. Brings into focus the global scenario, economic and financial questions and concerns, rapidly growing size of government, its control, power and authority, Performs a rough cost and benefit analysis. Raises the question, do these wars really worth that much? Why would we allow them to tear down our very national, social, economic and financial fabric?

This article analyzes the political, economic and social conditions in Muslim world. Provides a strong and extended historical perspective. Exposes the deep rooted causes of trouble in Muslim world. Finds out why there is so much hate for western world, and how did it build up. Explores the origins of extreme militancy prevailing in Muslim world. Sheds light on the causes of extreme corruption, political instability and economic bankruptcy in Muslim countries. Tells why is it virtually impossible to export Democracy to Muslim countries.

This article analyzes that the enhanced security and wars related spending in United States, since 9/11, in the light of U.S. annual budget deficits and rapidly growing debt, to almost unbearable levels. Points out that we may be winning this war physically, but, terrorists have been successful in their scare tactics by putting us on the track of uncontrolled and unchecked spending on security and wars related expenses.

This article analyzes the situation in Korean peninsula, it’s historical background and possible solutions. Sheds light on the true effects of economic sanctions, being repeatedly imposed by U.N. Security Council. Brings into focus the the related issues of balance of power, global interests and concerns. Balances the equation between U.S., China, North Korea and Japan. Evaluates, in detail, the role of China and it’s causes. Part played by ideological conficts and post Korean war tensions, is discussed, too.

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