This is third article in a series, analyzing the candidacy of Ron Paul for 2012 presidential elections, in United States. Covers a wide range of issues and compares Ron Paul’s agenda with other major candidates, in the race. Discusses Ron Paul;s stand on Federal Reserve, taxes, wars, immigration and drugs. Brings into focus the constitutionality of various laws, and government departments and agencies. Points out, how Ron Paul hits right at the bases of major issues and causes, of our current problems and crises.

This article concludes our discussion on the candidacy of Barack Obama, incumbent and Democratic party candidate for 2012 presidential elections. Analyzes the concepts and conflicting views of fairness. Evaluates U.S. taxation system. Brings into focus the causes and fixes of current crisis. Provides common sense reasoning to the argument. Appeals to everyday individuals, couple, households and families. Finds out why the current Tax code is fair or not? Concludes who should pay what and how much?

This video covers a very wide range of currently hot political topics. Starts with the discussion on drop out of Herman Cain from 2012 Republican political race. Broadens down to U.S. politics and taxation. Brings into focus and compares the federal taxes and taxes in various Republican and Democratic states. Covers different forms of taxes like income tax, consumption tax, property tax, car tax and capital gains taxes.

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