There is an inherently strong bond between members of a family, forged over time and through shared experiences of hardship and triumph. As a family unit evolves, individuals people grow into established roles, from those with a sense of responsibility to their younger siblings to others who assume the mantle of spoilt and protected children. Even as different characters within a family endure disagreements and periods of hostility, these relationships and the roles that individuals play in them continue to strengthen.

However, there are several factors that can influence the well being of a family relationship. Of these, money stands as the single most significant, and conflicts that incorporate finance can often become fiercely contested and hostile. Despite being a solely material entity that has a single purpose as a funding for lifestyle costs, the nature of money has evolved in contemporary society to prove a large contributory factor in disputes and relationship breakdowns. This fact is supported by the increasing number of law suits and civil claims that are cited as involving work colleagues or members of the same family.

Money as a Cause of Conflict and Social Issues

The virtues or otherwise of money have been debated for centuries. To some, money a significant factor in achieving happiness, and enabling individuals and families to live in comfort and security. To others, it is of negligible value, and something which causes personalities to change and the most genuine of friendships to break down. As a way to support this argument, many will argue that it is money and the search for wealth that prompts the vast majority of crime and criminal activity.

Quarterly statistics for November 2010 showed that the unemployment number rose to 9.8 percent in the US. Although this figure has only risen by 0.2 percent on the last 2 quarters, the rate of citizens without a job has steadied at just beneath the 10 percent mark since the beginning of the global depression in late 2008, and subsequent job cuts through the first 6 months of 2009.

Although the unemployment rate and global economy are displaying signs of slow and steady growth, people are still finding it difficult to source and find employment. This is chiefly due to the fact that companies, cautious not to over commit their resources through a period of economic recovery, are looking to consolidate their numbers rather than grow and employ more staff.

Opportunity not Crisis

This situation has left more and more families financially stretched and looking for alternate ways to create revenue. In the months prior to Christmas, these concerns become even more pertinent as the balancing act between income and expenditure is an even more delicate activity. In these periods of financial pressure and hardship, where costs and inflation remained fixed while people’s income levels drop or diminish, the most positive course of action that an individual can adopt is to treat these issues as opportunities rather than moments of crisis.

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