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Swiftype is hiring engineers to help fix site search | Hacker News

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Most websites have terrible site search. Founded by the engineers who built Scribd’s search, Swiftype ( is fixing that by offering a dead-simple modern search for sites ranging from your sister’s Tumblr to Alexa Top 100 behemoths. Swiftype’s usage is growing quickly, so we need to expand our team. We’ve already fixed search on over 80,000 websites with 150M queries per month – come help us grow even further.

What we have:

An API and dashboard built with Rails 3, Rails Metal, MySQL, Hive, Redis and Lucene

A high performance crawler capable of spidering millions of pages per hour

An easy-to-install search box with modern features like autocomplete and spelling correction

Search analytics and results re-ordering

An intelligent page-content analysis system for parsing websites automatically

Client libraries for Ruby, Python, PHP and JavaScript

Horizontally scalable infrastructure

A lot of happy customers

What we need to do:

Completely automate provisioning for our search clusters

Scale our backend from thousands of requests/second to millions

Bulletproof failover across multiple datacenters

Build out integrations with platform partners like Heroku

Create API wrappers for more languages and plugins for popular CMSes and eCommerce platforms

Improve our crawler performance and concurrency (Will it be JRuby, Go, Scala, Clojure or something else? — you’ll help decide)

Write awesome sample apps, documentation, and tutorials so integration is super simple

Sound interesting? We want to hear from you. We are a small team (all engineers) so we are looking for engineers who can contribute across the full stack from the crawler to the CSS and JavaScript.

As a small but well-funded (a16z, NEA, KPCB) company we can offer you a competitive salary and significant equity stake, health and dental benefits, and lunch as a team every day. The job is located in San Francisco.

To apply, email Please include whatever info you believe is relevant: resume, GitHub profile, code samples, links to personal projects, etc.

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