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Hamburg, Germany (2001 – present)

Store n Forward are Christian Steinweg and Thomas Boldt, German trance producers and DJs. They are also known as ‘Boldt & Steinweg’.

The roots of Store N Forward go back to the year 1998 when two young men from Hamburg, Germany got to know each other by chance. Interning in the same firm and sharing the interest of the “new” electronic sound, trance, Thomas Boldt and Christian Steinweg became friends quickly. Store N Forward was finally founded in 2001. As the years have gone by, not only has their studio developed, but also the quality and sound of their music.

In early 2004 Store N Forward tried their luck in a remix contest of the new single ‘OceanLab – Satellite’ (Anjunabeats / Above & Beyond) and was placed in the top 10. In the final judging they received third place and, consequently, had a huge response to their first MP3 release: the Boldt & Steinweg Remix. Their first production is a track called ‘Blind Straight’, which was released in November 2004 with remixes from Marco Torrance and their own (under their ‘Boldt & Steinweg’ alias), from the ‘FlowMotion Recordings’ label.

Thomas and Christian, after receiving a lot of requests for remixes in 2005, realized that there had to be more time devoted to their music and to Store N Forward! Germany’s most distinguished electronic music magazine Raveline writes: “If only such newcomers like Store N Forward would spring up like mushrooms, our trance-scene would thrive and prosper like nobody could imagine!”

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