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Stop Using These 30 Phrases At Work! | LinkedIn

August 26, 2013

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I reckon every office or workplace has one of those people that are just full of jargon-ridden management drivel. Does this kind of ‘management speak’ remind you of someone at your work place: "Before going forward we have to touch base and reach out to our key stakeholders so that we can drill down into the key issues that are not yet on our radar and catch the low-hanging fruits…"

Are you surrounded by people who annoyingly can’t get enough of the management gobbledygook and who utter one jargon buzzword after another? Are your meetings buzzing with so much management lingo that you find it hard to get to the real meaning of what is being said? The problem I have with these phrases is that they sound so pretentious and often are counter-productive because they irritate people so much and deflect from the real meaning.

Below are my top 30 most irritating and overused phrases we hear at work. I am sure you have others that you can add to this list. Let’s make it the most comprehensive list of unnecessary management drivel ever – Please add your ones using the comment field!

For me, these are my top 30 most irritating jargon phrases and words used at work:

Going forward


End of play

Touch base

It’s on my radar

No brainer

Best of breed

Low hanging fruit

Reach out

Dive deeper

Think outside the box

Positive momentum



Run the numbers

Touch points

Keep your eye on the ball

Back to the drawing board

Get the ball rolling

Bang for your buck

Close the deal


Shift paradigm

Move the needle


Move the goal post

Value added


Across the piece

All hands on deck

What do you think? Do you agree? Are these the most irritating phrases? Please let me know which ones you would add to this list!


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