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Solving Pet Owner’s One Minor Problem | SAMSUNG TOMORROW Global

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August 23, 2013 | 0 Comments | Tomorrow Culture

You are getting ready for a date. You picked out the perfect outfit that will give what you hope is a stunning first impression; it must, because you spent 2 hours picking it out. One last check in the mirror, and as you’re on your way out, your dog jumps up to say goodbye.  With both paws on your chest, you give him a big hug then Boom! Your outfit has suddenly morphed into a fur coat. No!!!



Are you someone who thinks dogs and cats are so adorable that you could never find them annoying? If you answered yes then you are either not a pet owner, or your pet is hairless. As a furry pet owner, there is one little annoying thing about pets. Pet hair! So, how do we minimize them?



How did it get there?


Your pet purposely planted it on the one outfit that you were planning to wear! No, probably not. Dog and cat hair holds an electric charge that makes it stick to many surfaces. It’s the science of static electricity.  Although, depending on your relationship with your pet, don’t rule out the possibility that your animal has a wicked intention.



Not on my furniture!



Ok, we’ve talked about the problem – now let’s talk about some solutions!  Here are some ways to start to tackle the never-ending problem of pet fur.


Wooden furniture- Use a soft cotton cloth sprayed with furniture polish or anti-static dusting spray. The spray will eliminate the electric charge! It makes the removal easier and lessens the likelihood that the hair will return to haunt you.


Upholstered surfaces or bed linens- put on a pair of rubber gloves and slightly dampen them. Then run your hand over the surface—the hair will stick to the glove like magic! Rinse off the glove when it’s full of hair and remoisten as needed.



Not on my Carpet and Floors!



For this one you have to bring out the big gun, the vacuum cleaner! Keeping your home clean and healthy actually requires some work, such as vacuuming daily, especially if you have a furry friend who has a different definition of “clean”. There are plenty of powerful, elegant, and quiet vacuums out there, such as the Samsung Vacuums Systems.




If daily vacuuming sounds like too much work, there is always a robotic vacuum, one of the loveliest modern inventions, if you ask me. Just make sure you get one with the proper features. (Samsung’s patented pet hair care system: power brush and rotating side brushes, traps and holds up to 0.6L of dust – filtering the finer particles that can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms through a washable HEPA filter)



Not on my clothes!



The solution to this is quite obvious, sticky lint rollers! They are usually more effective than lint brushes for this occasion. However, if there’s too much hair on the clothing, use the dampened rubber glove method described above, and then finish with the lint roller. Don’t have a lint roller? How about wrapping transparent adhesive tape or masking tape around your palm, sticky-side out (duh), and dabbing the tape at your clothing? Ugh, that’s classy and classic.


Warning! Duct tape or electrical tape may leave a residue.


With these tips, you can save some time on getting ready for your date, so you can concentrate on picking a great restaurant, drumming up some conversation topics, and NOT worrying about what you look like. Don’t get nervous, you will be fine! You look amazing!



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